With processes of deployment getting in place, the agency seems affirmatively positive. However, the funding aspect of the agency, according to sources, still needs to be put in place

Abhinav Trivedi 12-June-2014

In India it is the advertising VoD market which is the most prevalent & revenues will be huge from the advertising VoD market, says the MD & CEO of Rajshri Entertainment, Rajjat Barjatya

Abhinav Trivedi 11-June-2014

Senior stakeholders in the sector feel that the sector in general advertises a lot. In case there is an increase of investment in the sector, the capital will be channelised to set the infrastructure of the sector right

Abhinav Trivedi 09-June-2014

Although the sector is optimistic over the new government and spends might increase, the final decision would vary from player to player depending on the number of projects they have under them

Abhinav Trivedi 06-June-2014

With the MediaPro split there is a possibility that more content aggregators might emerge in the market. The implications are likely to affect the MSOs and are expected to give them better bargaining power

Abhinav Trivedi 04-June-2014

As per market estimates, Sony Six & Set Max, the official broadcaster of the tournament, have collectively earned close to Rs 800 cr. The online broadcaster has also got positive response from advertisers

Abhinav Trivedi 03-June-2014

The CEO of MSM Group also expects affirmative decision making from the new Government on digitisation & TV ratings, and a clear and robust mechanism in place to judge viewership

Abhinav Trivedi 30-May-2014

The general sentiment is upbeat post the NDA win. But will it result in positive consumer sentiment, higher sales and ad spends in consumer durables & FMCG sectors? Experts evaluate the prospects

Abhinav Trivedi 27-May-2014

Although the opening match TVR of IPL (3.7) could be matched only once after that till May 10, marketers are confident that the viewership will see a surge now that the elections are over

Abhinav Trivedi 26-May-2014

Rudrarup Datta, VP, Marketing, Viacom18 Motion Pictures talks about the studio's latest venture Manjunath and how corporate brands have supported the movie with a non-commercial motive

Abhinav Trivedi 23-May-2014

Capitalising on the growing number of football fans in India, the broadcaster is eyeing a range of youth male-oriented sponsors. The sponsorship cost ranges between Rs 4 cr and Rs 18 cr for entry level to presenting sponsor

Abhinav Trivedi 22-May-2014

The auto sector expects key reforms from the new Govt, which coupled with new model launches, is likely to drive media spends towards mass media properties

Abhinav Trivedi 22-May-2014

While some analysts feel the May 16 coverage was Modi-centric, others feel it would be unfair to blame the channels completely as the huge margin was unexpected & the channels were reporting facts on ground

Abhinav Trivedi 20-May-2014

Hindi news channels are expected to earn close to Rs 140 crore-Rs 160 crore among them in the election season, as per industry estimates

Abhinav Trivedi 16-May-2014

National English news channels are expected to earn significantly this election season, signing package deals with the advertisers which include deliverables ranging from sponsorship slots or specific flagship properties

Abhinav Trivedi 15-May-2014

Industry experts believe that news channels in the last 15 days have earned more than what they earn in two months on a regular basis

Abhinav Trivedi 14-May-2014

Nina Elavia Jaipuria, EVP & Business Head, Kids Cluster, Viacom18 Media,talks about the underpricing of children's genre and capitalising on the ecosystem for monetisation

Abhinav Trivedi 14-May-2014

Even if IPL declines in value, it is far bigger than anything else, says Samar Singh Shekhawat, SVP-Marketing, United Breweries

Abhinav Trivedi 13-May-2014

With IPL viewership getting fragmented between online & TV, GECs are emerging as the gainers, say media observers, who add that the viewership of GECs has been consistent because of the change in the programming strategy

Abhinav Trivedi 12-May-2014

The retail chain from Future Group joins the tournament after 10 matches. The aim is to communicate the change of positioning in the brand message, capitalising on the reach & frequency of IPL

Abhinav Trivedi 09-May-2014