IPL to compete with T20 WC and elections for ad money

The IPL spends have fragmented with the T20 World Cup and the general elections. Marketers expect the viewership to be down in the early stages, but expect a rebound in the last stage of the tournament

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Updated: Mar 21, 2014 8:27 AM
IPL to compete with T20 WC and elections for ad money

Set Max and Sony SIX have officially launched their IPL campaignwith the tagline “Come on bulava ayya hain”.As per a release issued by the channel, the campaign is inspired from the fact that Pepsi IPL is the biggest cricketing extravaganza in the world. The word ‘Bulaava’ connotes the ‘calling’ with the main premise that the year’s most awaited and anticipated cricketing event has finally arrived and there is no way you would want to miss it.

The campaign kicks off with a series of four films set in diverse situations of different people’s life reaching a crescendo with three surprise films and culminating into a final Bulaava film. All films have the essence of the key nuance of IPL ‘Bulaava’ prompting people to literally drop everything to watch Pepsi IPL.

Vaishali Sharma, VP- Marketing & Communications, Set Max said,“IPL does not have a tagline and every year the campaign is fresh, new and exciting. IPL entices people across age groups, gender and languages. This year’s campaign is a unique thought that stems from the insight of how the passion of IPL overtakes every aspect of people’s lives highlighting their hunger for the tournament and eventually creating a huge national frenzy.”

Shartma further said that television remains the most preferred choice for viewers while watching IPL and the audience numbers on TV is also to go up this year.

The campaign has used all the mediums – viz. television, print, mobile OOH, and digital. The campaign videos are also available on Sony Live, the digital arm of the MSM Group.

Will the marketers respond?
The average inventory cost for IPL, which shall begin on April 16, is between Rs 4.70 lakh andRs 5 lakh for 10 seconds. This price is likely to go up in the final matches. Last year, the prices went as high as Rs 15 lakh for the semi-final and final matches. On the inventory cost marketers have responded that the prices are high.  However the sentiment towards IPL as a tournament remains positive. With T20 World cup already in the play, the marketers have fragmented their spends between IPL and the world cup. In the World cup the India matches who usually have a high degree of traction have seen a significant response from the marketers. The average inventory cost for the T20 World Cup match is between Rs 3.5 lakh and Rs 3.75 lakh per 10 seconds. However, the average inventory cost is likely to go up for the final matches in case India reaches quarter final/semi-final.

Arshad Nizam, Director, Alliance Advertising remarked, “The reach of the IPL is 200 million plus and is likely to go up. It is a very robust platform to connect to the youth. I think marketers will respond to the tournament. As far as fixing allegations which dented IPL last year are concerned, the brands associating with on ground advertising will have a dampening effect, but I don’t see on-air advertising getting affected with developments on ground.”

Due to the general elections, IPL will be played in phases. The first phase will be played in UAE while the second and third phases will be played in India. Twenty matches will be played in India while 20 outside India. The matches in India will be played from May 1. This year it is expected that the viewership of the tournament may go down in the initial stages.

Sunil Gadgil, CMO, Nivea said, “The fixing allegations are a thing of the past and should not affect IPL a lot. However the overleaping of this season with general elections may dent the viewership pie as election is the flavor of the season at this stage. The tournament offers reach and this is one reason why brands like to associate with the tournament”.

Fixing allegations which involved some team owners and players had marred the IPL spirit last year. The brands associated with the franchises which were allegedly involved in fixing were also questioned by the police. BCCI this year has taken aggressive steps to ensure that no such development occurs. There was also immense pressure from brands, including title sponsor Pepsi, to clean the tournament.

Rohit Gupta, President, MSM Group said,“The sentiment of investment this year is good. We are also getting some new categories on board this year. We have sold almost 40 per cent of our inventory. The reason why brands invest on IPL is because the risk is minimised and the reach has been maximizing over the last few years. Since the clarity over the schedule and venue of the matches is there now we expect the sentiment to bounce further.”


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