India's retail market is expected to reach USD 1.1 trillion by 2020. Competitions in T1 markets get even more fierce, costs increase and growth slows. The battle field is extending to T2 and T3 cities

exchange4media Staff 09-July-2019

UC Browser, world's no. 1 third-party mobile browser and content platform, has announced a mega engagement campaign comprising multiple in-app activities during ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

exchange4media Staff 01-July-2019

Morden Chen, General Manager of Alibaba UC Ads Marketing, speaks on trends in content on Mobile, the ROI of creativity, influencer marketing and the growth of programmatic buying in India

exchange4media Staff 01-July-2019

Frequent release of new products somehow baffles and confuses consumers. The New Product Quartet is designed to help brands communicate with consumers in a more fun and interactive way

exchange4media Staff 01-July-2019

Using the power of the internet to deliver products and services and connecting with customers

exchange4media Staff 23-May-2012

With broadband penetration crossing a hundred million, there are early adopters of the online travel category

exchange4media Staff 14-May-2012

The positioning for a product is decided keeping in mind a number of factors, including strength of the brand

exchange4media Staff 02-May-2012

While we are present on all media vehicles, ad campaigns strongly depend on each product

exchange4media Staff 26-April-2012

Our marketing strategy is based on ‘Strategy of Proof’, a global Axa framework. Proof is nothing but tangible evidence of answering customers’ queries about expectations in a manner that nobody else has.

exchange4media Staff 17-April-2012

The Indian pizza market is worth approximately Rs 1,300-1,400 crore out of the Rs 8,000 crore organised food sector of India, as per Euromonitor data last year. Domino’s enjoys 54 per cent share of the pizza market, and 70 per cent share if you look at the organised home delivery space.

exchange4media Staff 09-April-2012

“A statement made by a consumer – ‘A treadmill is a dreadmill’ – has always stayed with me. This line sparked off the entire thought process for the CrossFit campaign. We don’t have any treadmills in Reebok CrossFit gyms.”

exchange4media Staff 03-April-2012

“Introducing Fiery Grilled is another milestone on the journey to providing new flavours and formats to our consumers. Taking inspiration from the Indian consumers’ love for spicy and flavourful food, this product is spicy, juicy and truly irresistible.”

exchange4media Staff 26-March-2012

“We entered 10 cities in 2011, including tier II cities such as Raipur, Ranchi, Indore, etc.,” said Sandeep Kataria, CMO, Yum! Restaurants India

exchange4media Staff 10-March-2012

‘Differentiate or Die’ is the mantra that drives the marketing team at ABD. All our brands have their foundation on a very strong consumer insight

exchange4media Staff 09-March-2012

Every brand must communicate what it stands for, its promise, its relevance in the audiences’ life and times

exchange4media Staff 07-February-2012

“We have seen very strong support and trends for social branding, participative advertising and digital innovations,” says Dharini Mishra, Suzlon Group

exchange4media Staff 21-January-2012

We are operating at the premium level of the market, while Teacher’s Highland Cream is actually at the top end of the pecking order. We are playing up the inspirational value. We believe in offering the best and not necessarily at the least price, and that has been our effort; we have been very true to our quality. The consistent quality in the spirits, especially the Scotch, is the key to our success. Yes, Teacher’s has had its share of challenges, but has never compromised on its quality.

exchange4media Staff 16-January-2012

If you look at examples from the world, it’s the Walmarts who call the shots for stock markets in those countries. If they can do it, we can do it as well. We can do wonders if we have patience and the confidence in us. Indian retail is contributing 22 per cent to the GDP, 6 per cent from the employment front. Retail is set to create more employment opportunities than any other. International brands are also looking forward to come into India, so it is the right time to be in this space.

exchange4media Staff 28-December-2011

The remittance market globally is driven by migration. Migration is broadly segregated into two types – one is that of knowledge workers and the other is the unskilled labour force. The key segment drivers are migration and skilled/ unskilled labour force demand globally. The migration story is pretty strong and India is a strong base for both these categories. Also, India is the largest receiver of remittances globally, with more than $55 billion coming in annually from Indians overseas.

exchange4media Staff 28-November-2011

The hair and beauty market is quite fragmented in India with presence of unorganised players.

exchange4media Staff 10-November-2011