How to build a closer relationship between new products and consumers?

Frequent release of new products somehow baffles and confuses consumers. The New Product Quartet is designed to help brands communicate with consumers in a more fun and interactive way

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Updated: Jul 1, 2019 2:01 PM

How to fully communicate with consumers in the market, where new products are piling up, and launch a marvelous go-to-market campaign? After exploring and practicing, UC Ads has mastered the secret of new product marketing - The New Product Quartet- which is designed to help brands communicate with consumers in a more fun and interactive way. Let's take Huawei Mate 20 Pro India release, which has won praise and popularity, as an example to see the marketing approaches of new product release.

The communication cycle of new products goes through three stages: pre-launch, outburst and post-launch sale, and each stage should follow a certain dissemination rhythm. Of course, we also need some small surprises from time to time to enhance the favorable impression.

Pre-Launch Buzz: Highlight the core features for initial attraction, turn indifference into interest

We often compare marketing to the establishment of an intimate relationship between a brand and its consumers, so the main goal of the pre-launch period is to raise interest and attraction for your soon-to-be-launched product, turning visitors into an audience, then into loyal customers. Only by showing its dazzling core points can the product attract consumers and make them want to learn more about it. In the stage of introducing new products, marketers need to tap into the products’ core value, use their eye-catching characteristics, make it appeal to consumers and, create expectations for consumers by adding the time when the product to be launched. At the same time, some data can be collected at this stage as seeded users to make preparation for the next stage.

In the early stage of the release of Huawei Mate20 Pro, through a series of Roadblock exposures, the new phone showed the elegant full screen and ultra Leica triple cameras to subdue local consumers. UC, with the large user base, enabled Huawei covering customers from first-tier cities to emerging cities, the yet-to-be-launched product mastered in attracting a crowd of expectant consumers and the event is ready to begin.

Product launch is like a confession to customers: Full display of charm, making AH-HA Moments

The role of warm-up period is to create expectations among consumers, while the launching event serves as an outburst when the charm of new products is shown and their service commitments depicted. It is like a well-prepared confession, where you make your advantages known and the thoughtful and supportive services you’d provide. This is an important time node to shape consumers' minds and opinion of new products.
There are more and more ways to present a launching event with fun and engagement. A variety of vehicles, such as live streaming, the behind-the-scenes shows and influencers’ commentary, that can help a product extend offline launch event into the online world.

Huawei Mate20 Pro's India releasing, held on November 27, was broadcast live on UC. The official launch would certainly strike a magnificent and classy impression, fully introduced the amazing operation speed, Leica triple lens, and fast charging features, etc. At the same time, tech influencer leads the way to play a complementary role. Rajiv Makhni, a popular techy celebrity from UC Influencers Network, was chosen by Huawei and led the followers into the scene of the event with short videos to enjoy the photography shot by Huawei Mate20 Pro, participate in product presentation in real time, and experience the unboxing session seamlessly. 

Rajiv successfully led more followers to actively participate in the launch event, during which a large number of them watched live streaming and raise interests to the new product.

Drive sales after product launch: Buzzing Marketing to Upgrade WoM and Boost Conversion

Many brands attach great importance to the marketing plan before release and launch of products in a very ceremonious way. However, they often take the marketing after releasing lightly. A desirable lover often has many choices, so how to continue your popularity after confession and let her choose you instead of others?
Consumers have many choices too. At this stage, the brand needs to actively apply to experiential marketing, helping customers experience the product and create emotional attachment. In the meantime, creating a good product words of mouth and letting the big names and even friends of consumers to speak well for you will play a very positive role in converting them into purchase.
UC Ads organises techy celebrities to start with various features of the new phone, record and present, in various forms, the in-depth review of the phone’s hands-on experience and use scenario to consumers. The content was delivered to the right customers via interests targeting on UC Ads Platform. The positive reputation of the product was spread through UC, NDTV, and other popular platforms.


Day-to-Day interaction: Continuous creative interaction deepens perception

In addition to putting releasing and marketing campaign in a rhythmic way, new products also need to interact with consumers from time to time, seeking all-time sense of presence to deepen consumers' impression and realize a growing attachment. Huawei, working with UC Ads, created innovative snackable content and play with users on local fun platforms.

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After a series of smooth marketing activities, Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been out of stock! A well-participated Go-To-Market Marketing Solutions is inevitably include product exposure, product engagement, buzz marketing and innovative social marketing. 


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