Jill Kouri?blur=25

Kouri will lead the company’s global marketing programs to advance HCL’s focus on helping companies reimagine their business for the digital age

exchange4media Staff Jul 28, 2021 6:35 PM

Binda Dey?blur=25

As CMO, Dey will be responsible for all aspects of Marketing - Brand, Content, Digital, Licensing & Merchandising, for all initiatives in IPL, Caribbean Premier League and USA Cricket

exchange4media Staff Jul 23, 2021 5:04 PM

Alexander Valladares?blur=25

Prior to this, Valladares led a team of dynamic marketers as National Marketing Lead for Times of India’s metro supplements and Times life

exchange4media Staff Jul 12, 2021 4:34 PM

Manu Prasad?blur=25

Manu Prasad, CMO, Scripbox, spoke about the company's altered marketing strategy, advertising spend, brand messaging, and more

Misbaah Mansuri Jul 7, 2021 8:47 AM

Sahil Deswal?blur=25

Prior to joining Augnito, Deswal was VP - Marketing, Growth & Monetisation at Trell

exchange4media Staff Jun 23, 2021 2:47 PM

Girish Upadhyay?blur=25

Upadhyay will be leading the marketing, digital and overall communication initiatives of the company

exchange4media Staff Jun 16, 2021 9:00 AM

Udit Verma?blur=25

Guest Column: Udit Verma, CMO, Co-founder, Trackier, explains how the use of AI & performance-based marketing strategies have become central to digital advertising success

Udit Verma Jun 12, 2021 7:57 AM

Pragya Bijalwan?blur=25

In her last role, Bijalwan has worked with Castrol India limited where she led product innovations, brand campaigns and technology-based innovative solutions

exchange4media Staff Jun 9, 2021 5:45 PM

Ruchika Varma?blur=25

Varma, CMO, Future Generali India Insurance, revealed that more than 23% surge in search for health insurance makes Google even more central to the company's media planning objectives

Misbaah Mansuri Jun 4, 2021 8:49 AM

Sonia Notani?blur=25

Guest Column: Sonia Notani, CMO, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company, shares that Integrating 3 Vs – Voice, Video, and Vernacular - in the digital space helps enable a well-rounded strategy

Sonia Notani Jun 4, 2021 8:40 AM

Avi Kumar?blur=25

Kumar will lead global marketing for the company and its portfolio companies -, IGP for Business and Interflora India

exchange4media Staff Jun 2, 2021 3:46 PM


In a fireside chat at the Pitch CMO Summit 2021, Kataria, Head of Marketing and Franchise – India, Mattel Toys, spoke about 'Building A Kids Brand In India'

exchange4media Staff May 31, 2021 9:18 AM

Pitch CMo?blur=25

Ranganathan, MD of Roca Parryware, shared meaningful insights on what counts as 'brand love' in his keynote address at Pitch CMO Summit Delhi

exchange4media Staff May 31, 2021 9:18 AM

Pitch CMo?blur=25

At the Pitch CMO Summit 2021, Ashish Mishra, Harish Narayanan, Hitesh Malhotra, Lucky Saini, Prasanna Rai & Neha Ahuja discussed how brand love shapes consumer relationships

exchange4media Staff May 31, 2021 9:17 AM

Pitch CMO Summit?blur=25

An expert panel comprising Amit Sethiya, Milind Pathak, Narayan Sundararaman, Nicholas Kontopoulos & Simeran Bhasin discussed why brand love is all about going beyond algorithms

exchange4media Staff May 31, 2021 9:11 AM


Panellists at the Pitch CMO Summit spelled out how multilingual & diverse cultures help in building brand love

exchange4media Staff May 31, 2021 9:05 AM


At the Pitch CMO 2021 Summit, DiCicco, the Sr. Manager, International Expansion at Snap Inc., made a strong case for brands to have a 'camera strategy'

exchange4media Staff May 31, 2021 9:01 AM

Pitch CMo?blur=25

Nikhil Chand, Director, Foods & Confectionery, Nestle India, discussed the timeless marketing strategies of Maggi and Munch at the Pitch CMO Summit 2021

exchange4media Staff May 29, 2021 9:13 AM

Pitch CMo?blur=25

At the e4m Pitch CMO Summit 2021, Srinivas, Co-founder and CEO of MPL, discussed how the digital shift caused by Covid has fuelled growth for digital brands

exchange4media Staff May 29, 2021 9:00 AM

Pitch CMO Summit?blur=25

At the Pitch CMO Summit, Nicholas Kontopoulos, APAC Regional Head of Marketing, Adobe DX, noted that making the customer journey simple across all touch points is the way forward

exchange4media Staff May 29, 2021 8:53 AM