The sports partnership will include fan engagement activities and William Lawson's logo will feature on cheerleader uniforms 

exchange4media Staff 29-March-2019

Salesforce and Amazon’s cloud arm, AWS have announced working directly together to offer products and services that benefit their common customers

exchange4media Staff 10-December-2018

The accusation has been made by a group of digital marketers in a lawsuit filed in the US court

exchange4media Staff 18-October-2018

The I&B and Textiles Minister said the time has come to put laws, ethics and rules into place to balance the media industry

exchange4media Staff 11-May-2018

According to latest reports, a handful of people who claim to be WPP staffers are calling for the resignation of Mauricio Sabogal, CEO of out-of-home media agency giant Kinetic Worldwide, in response to a blog post he wrote that they claim contains "offensive and discriminatory treatment and views of Americans," according to an email they sent to WPP CEO Martin Sorrell

exchange4media Staff 14-March-2016

J. Walter Thompson’s Chief Communications Officer Erin Johnson has filed a lawsuit against Gustavo Martinez, Global CEO, JWT, in the New York Federal Court for sexual harassment and racist slurs

exchange4media Staff 11-March-2016

Ravi Byakod from Google has been appointed as Director of Engineering - Accounting and Anand Lakshminarayanan from Microsoft joins as Head of Product Management for Digital Goods and Services

exchange4media Staff 23-September-2015

It's a compilation of print campaigns from 21 different countries spanning 15 years that showcase the very best of illustration

exchange4media Staff 21-November-2014

While some media players have called for strict enforcement mechanisms to monitor & restrict the proliferation of paid news, others insist curbing paid news should be self enforced & a moral responsibility of the media industry

Abid Hasan 30-June-2014

While the Govt has raised sensitive issues in the consultation paper, some important acts such as PRB Act & Sec 85 Act are left untouched, say media experts, who feel the paper is not a comprehensive one

Abid Hasan 23-June-2014

The Paper issued by Law Commission of India raises some select concerns, and poses a set of questions that will help foster a larger public debate amongst stakeholders

exchange4media Staff 12-June-2014

The Paper raises concerns on issues such as self-regulation, paid news, opinion polls, cross media ownership, social media, and regulations surrounding Government-owned media

exchange4media Staff 11-June-2014

Facebook once again finds itself in a legal tangle over privacy concerns after two users filed a lawsuit against the company for intercepting their private messages

exchange4media Staff 08-January-2014

“Nigella’s individuality adds charm to the show. I admire the way she cooks and talks,” says Raj Deepak Das of BBDO

Synjini Nandi 16-January-2013

Post DAS, SAB has jumped from 130 GRPs to 157 GRPs. As more cities get digitised, we will definitely gain from it, shares the EVP & Biz Head of SAB TV

Synjini Nandi 15-January-2013

Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP has commented to the press that WPP had declined NDTV lawyers’ request for settlement. NDTV has challenged the veracity of this comment and raised other issues

Noor Fathima Warsia 27-August-2012

Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP has commented to the press that WPP had declined NDTV lawyers’ request for settlement.

Noor Fathima Warsia 26-August-2012