Our focus on customer centricity sets us apart: Phil Davis, AWS

MD for Asia Pacific and Japan, shares his vision for AWS in India, the significance of cloud computing in future-proofing the business, and more

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Published: Jun 6, 2022 8:48 AM  | 4 min read
Phil Davis

For more than two years, Phil Davis, MD for Asia Pacific & Japan, AWS, has been guiding the technology giant’s 'direction and vision' across the region, leading a team of business and technical specialists in the process. On his recent visit to India, Davis spoke about his vision for AWS in India and more.


How has the digital transformation for the organisation shaped over the last two years?

Covid has led to the rapid digital transformation of every business. We have also seen a continuous, significant technology shift. 

Because of Covid-19, digital transformation that would have taken years otherwise was compressed into months. This transformation has reached a point where people want to future-proof the business. The pace of innovation has gone up. It is primarily because the cloud lets you innovate faster and seamlessly. 

With the adoption of digital, the concerns around security and privacy have shot up, how are you addressing it?

Privacy and security are the two sides of the same coin. AWS, by default, is a very secure platform. We offer architectural review feature to businesses for them to manage and mediate that helps them ensure top-notch privacy and security.

With the opportunities the cloud service has opened up in India, and the related challenges in the market, how do you see your journey so far?

We were the first cloud company to be in India that offered a wide variety of solutions. We have also trained close to 22 million people in India and it is very critical to have the right skills to participate in the digital growth story of India. 

‘Success and Scale’ has always been our motto. If you see cloud adoption trends in India, they are not very different from global markets. However, Covid accelerated the number of customers into the cloud, and India was no different.

AWS collaborates with higher education institutions, non-profits, workforce development organizations, governments, and employers on a range of digital upskilling programs aimed at preparing the next generation of cloud professionals for early cloud careers.

There are a lot of cloud services available in India, in your view what sets AWS apart from its competitors?

I would say the answer lies in our values, our culture, and our leadership. Apart from that, the biggest differentiator is our focus on customer centricity. When Jeff (Jeff Bezos) set up the company, he set the goal to be the earth's most customer-centric organisation in every respect. Most of our services are based on customer feedback.  This itself is very different from what we see in the sector that we operate in.

The other differentiating factor for AWS is our services' breadth and depth, which sets us apart. There is also a richness of features, security, capabilities, etc, which makes our offering unique in every sense. 

We're made over 111 price reductions since we founded AWS. Of these, close to 60% were made before we had any competitor. We're trying to give every penny back to the customer. This is different because if you look around, every other competitor is raising prices by over 50%.

What is your plan for India in the coming time?

We will continue to invest in local infrastructures. We plan to digitise 10 million SMBs in the coming time. Our focus will be on its diversity, sustainability, and even education, which is an important area for us.   

Some of these programs are specifically designed for females, which is called ‘She Dares’.  This program allows women who are not in tech or do not have tech skills. Then we have another program called ‘She Builds’ and it's for women who are already familiar with the technology.

I’m proud that AWS has provided cloud skills training to over two million people in India, and we acknowledge that more work must be done as we continue to build a better digital future in India.

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