Lessy Messy?blur=25

Lessy Messy underpad, both for the baby and the elderly, uses advanced Quadra 4 technology with multi-layered construction where each layer performs a different function

exchange4media Staff Jan 7, 2021 12:21 PM


The campaign encourages customers to give up their old mattresses and bring home a brand new mattress for a healthy start

exchange4media Staff Dec 14, 2020 12:42 PM


The digital campaign emphasizes on the brand ethos of loyalty, quality and consumer trust

exchange4media Staff Nov 22, 2020 6:00 PM

Duroflex Got Your Back?blur=25

The lighthearted campaign captures the essence of various activities and poor postures that can take a toll on one’s back

exchange4media Staff Jun 6, 2020 8:34 AM

Peps BEDTalks?blur=25

Conceptualised with Phantom Ideas, the campaign is a series of boring topics aimed at putting people to sleep

exchange4media Staff May 23, 2020 10:00 PM

Duroflex Better Tomorrow?blur=25

Duroflex also hosted a series of live sessions from their social channels to help people stay fit and engaged while staying in during the lockdown

exchange4media Staff May 16, 2020 8:13 AM


The film by Duroflex has a social message of staying indoors in the safest and most comforting space we have - our beds

exchange4media Staff Apr 18, 2020 10:00 AM


The #StaySafeWithSleepwell campaign compares the benefits of common healthy habits and emphasizes that 8 hours of sleep is equally important to stay healthy

exchange4media Staff Apr 4, 2020 8:43 AM


The campaign also garnered major impressions with over 4.2 million engagements

exchange4media Staff Mar 17, 2020 6:45 PM

SpringFit Ab To So Jao Ad?blur=25

Conceptualized & created by ICE Media Lab, the campaign sees children singing lullabies for their parents to encourage them to go to sleep

exchange4media Staff Mar 14, 2020 4:00 PM

Duroflex World Sleep Day?blur=25

The brand is calling out to people to share funny yawn videos on their social media pages with #YawnOffSleepOn

exchange4media Staff Mar 9, 2020 2:31 PM

Smita Murarka?blur=25

Prior to joining Duroflex, Murarka was Head of Marketing at Amante, MAS Brands India

exchange4media Staff Feb 13, 2020 12:00 PM

Mathew Chandy?blur=25

Chandy speaks about the brand's journey and why he thinks Duroflex's product standards are unbeatable

Neethu Mohan Dec 24, 2019 9:24 AM

Urvashi Rautela?blur=25

By roping in Bollywood sensation Urvashi Rautela, the brand aims to emphasise on its motto of ‘Khayal Rakho' that is correlated with the energy and the importance of sleep in everyday life

exchange4media Staff Dec 10, 2019 1:08 PM


Pai talks about his hopes from the wedding mattress launch, the role of innovation, and the brand’s expansion plans

Neethu Mohan Dec 3, 2019 9:10 AM


The tennis champion in the marketing campaign will be seen advocating to ‘sleep like a champion’

exchange4media Staff Aug 22, 2019 1:30 PM


This marks the entry of Centuary Mattresses into the luxury segment category

exchange4media Staff May 26, 2019 6:00 PM

Sudhakar Pai Kurl-on?blur=25

Retail expansion continues to be one of the key imperatives for Kurl-on explained Sudhakar Pai, Chairman & Managing Director, Kurl-on at the press conference

Shweta Raaj Singh Apr 17, 2019 8:33 AM


Through campaigns, advertisements and promotional activities, Peps has been creating awareness about the importance of sleep, Madhavan tells exchange4media

Neethu Mohan Apr 4, 2019 8:28 AM

Anil Kumble Duroflex?blur=25

Kumble, Former Captain of the India cricket team has lent voice to the campaign #sleeptoperform, highlighting the exhaustion children face while writing exams due to lack of sleep

exchange4media Staff Mar 26, 2019 3:33 PM