U.S. Brand launches reusable underpad ‘Lessy Messy’ in India

Lessy Messy underpad, both for the baby and the elderly, uses advanced Quadra 4 technology with multi-layered construction where each layer performs a different function

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Updated: Jan 7, 2021 12:21 PM
Lessy Messy

Well, life is full of messy situations – some you can avoid and some that you just can’t. But, you can definitely make it less messy with this unique line of products launched by a U.S. company, appropriately branded “Lessy Messy”.

The greying of the Indian population has led to an increase in senior citizens facing their own set of challenges that needs solutions. A common problem is urinary incontinence that creates not only a physical but a psychological impact on the elderly. Although underpads (to protect the bed mattress) are becoming more prevalent in India, most of them are disposable and can get to be an expensive burden for most retirees every month and an environmental nightmare. Lessy Messy has introduced a reusable underpad that uses advanced Quadra 4 technology with multi-layered construction where each layer performs a different function – from a soft surface that is comfortable for the skin to an absorbent layer that makes sure liquid doesn’t spread and make a mess; a barrier layer that is leak-proof so the bed does not get soiled and designed to withstand multiple washes (lab tested for 300 washes in the washing machine) so it is nice and clean to be used over and over again.

With over 70,000 babies born in India every day, it seems like the market targeting new parents is flooded with a host of baby products due to a general increase in the income level of the young generation coupled with their desire to provide the best for their kids. For example, gone are the days of “rubber sheets” to protect the baby’s mattress – savvy new parents use bed protectors with a fabric facing plus the concept of a diaper changing mat is just picking up in India. While there is an assortment of changing mats out there, the Lessy Messy caters to the more discerning since it is designed to be more comfortable for the baby with its soft, hypoallergenic surface, absorbent, leak-proof, and durable so it can be washed (even in a washing machine) multiple times without losing its quality.

It is indeed challenging to overcome these messy situations whether it be for the baby or the elderly. Considering the sensitivity of such challenges, especially for the elderly in a traditional Indian setting, Lessy Messy India has launched a couple of creative ads that beautifully addresses the emotions of the caregivers. Arun Kumarasamy, the Creative Consultant who developed the content of these ads eloquently describes his thought process when he was awarded this assignment – “I had to strike a delicate balance between the sensitivity of the problem, the practical solution to address it and tie in the emotion that comes with close family members having to deal with it.” And, did Arun come through? Well, we think so! But, you the consumers can be the judge of that by checking them out. The initial ads in Hindi and Tamil are available on YouTube – just search for “Lessy Messy India” and click on the channel.

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