The new members include Lay See Tan, Vipul Kedia, Noelia Amoedo and Elad Natanson

exchange4media Staff Jul 4, 2022 10:33 AM

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The company will fully subscribe to Series C Compulsorily Convertible Preference Shares (CCPS) and Equity Shares besides 50% of Series C1 CCPS

exchange4media Staff Mar 25, 2022 1:59 PM


The CPCU business has delivered 5.8 crores of converted users in Q3 FY2022

exchange4media Staff Feb 7, 2022 11:03 AM


EBITDA was at Rs. 52.1 crore, an increase of 51.1% y-o-y. PAT increased by 77.1% y-o-y to Rs. 47.6 crore

exchange4media Staff Nov 11, 2021 1:30 PM

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Affle’s mediasmart India CTV Report 2021 reveals consumer adoption insights about the advertising potential of the CTV medium

exchange4media Staff Sep 6, 2021 12:47 PM


The adtech firm had announced a board meeting on Tuesday that will approve splitting equity shares to increase affordability and liquidity for small retail investors

exchange4media Staff Aug 24, 2021 11:07 AM


EBITDA was at Rs. 35.1 crore, an increase of 56% y-o-y, from Rs 22.5 crore. PAT increased by 57.2% y-o-y to Rs. 29.5 crore from Rs. 18.8 crore in Q1 last year

exchange4media Staff Aug 9, 2021 6:51 PM


This partnership will enable OMG to offer mediasmart’s measurable programmatic and CTV advertising solutions powered by its proprietary Household Sync technology to its top advertisers

exchange4media Staff Aug 2, 2021 10:56 AM


The patents serve as a baseline time-sensitive technology for Affle to drive innovative on-device apps discovery and relevant recommendations

exchange4media Staff Jul 5, 2021 2:49 PM

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This partnership will enable and empower Interactive Avenues to leverage mediasmart’s unique capabilities to deliver precise, targeted, engaging, and measurable CTV ads

exchange4media Staff Jul 2, 2021 6:45 PM


PhonePe had placed a bid to acquire 92 per cent stake in Indus OS at a valuation of around USD 60 million which Affle had opposed

exchange4media Staff Jun 26, 2021 10:28 PM


The news comes close on the heels of Affle entering into definitive agreements to increase its strategic ownership in Bobble AI

exchange4media Staff Jun 10, 2021 12:55 PM


EBITDA reported an increase of 40.5% at Rs. 38.4 crores, and PAT was at Rs. 30.6 crores, an increase of 42.9%, from Q3 last year

exchange4media Staff Feb 8, 2021 12:24 PM

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Industry experts shared their insights on the growing adoption of mobile in business and how Covid-19 further accelerated the growth

exchange4media Staff Dec 17, 2020 6:55 PM


The partnership is aimed at strengthening Mediabrands’ programmatic advertising offerings

exchange4media Staff Nov 20, 2020 12:39 PM


For H1 FY2021, consolidated revenue was at Rs. 224.7 crores, an increase of 41.1% YoY

exchange4media Staff Nov 9, 2020 1:37 PM