The launch of an innovation like My Ad Center will allow people to pick the types of ads they want to see and control how their data informs ads they see across YouTube, Search and Discover

exchange4media Staff Jun 8, 2022 1:51 PM


Under the partnership, eligible Xiaomi and Redmi consumers can redeem YouTube Premium offer on select current devices for three months

exchange4media Staff Jun 7, 2022 6:17 PM

Josh Talks?blur=25

Sah will lead the expansion of the platform's content channels on YouTube

exchange4media Staff Jun 1, 2022 12:52 PM

Anurag Thakur?blur=25

The Union Minister met representatives from web portals, apps and portal-based news platforms in Delhi on Monday

exchange4media Staff May 30, 2022 3:33 PM

neeraj chopra?blur=25

On the channel, the javelin thrower will share glimpses from his life in the form of short and long-format videos on his sport and fitness

exchange4media Staff Mar 22, 2022 5:48 PM

e4m GameOn summit?blur=25

At e4m Game On Summit, a panel comprising gamers, creators & influencers shared that an effective marketing strategy is when influencer marketing is combined with the growing popularity of gamers

exchange4media Staff Mar 14, 2022 7:05 PM

Aaj Tak?blur=25

Aaj Tak from the India Today Group recently crossed the 50-million subscriber mark on YouTube

exchange4media Staff Mar 10, 2022 11:36 AM


According to Analysis by Oxford Economics, the YouTube creative ecosystem also supported 6,83,900 jobs

exchange4media Staff Mar 5, 2022 8:18 AM


DV360’s cross-channel CTV frequency management solution works for all formats, exchanges, CTV devices and deal types

exchange4media Staff Feb 7, 2022 8:43 AM

Satya Raghavan?blur=25

Prior to this, Raghavan was Director - YouTube Content Partnership. He has been with Google since 2014

Naziya Alvi Rahman Feb 2, 2022 6:10 PM


The government has also blocked 2 Twitter accounts, 2 Instagram accounts, and 1 Facebook account for being involved in spreading disinformation over the internet

exchange4media Staff Jan 24, 2022 10:41 AM

YouTube Logo?blur=25

As part of its introductory offer, the annual subscription plan is priced at Rs 1159 while quarterly and monthly plans are available at Rs 399 and Rs 139 respectively

exchange4media Staff Jan 22, 2022 8:24 AM


The annual regional ads leaderboard features ads across six languages – Marathi, Telugu, Bangla, Punjabi, Tamil, and Kannada

exchange4media Staff Jan 20, 2022 3:49 PM

App Annie report?blur=25

The report also highlighted that the users in India spent 4.7 average hours per day on mobile in 2021 compared to 4.5 hours in 2020 and 3.7 hours in 2019

exchange4media Staff Jan 15, 2022 10:32 AM

Bhuvam Bam?blur=25

In today’s edition of Influencer Series, Bam talks about his journey to becoming one of India’s most loved YouTubers, his latest web series Dhindhora, his brand associations and more

Mansi Sharma Dec 23, 2021 8:58 AM


The ministry pointed out that the modus operandi of the anti-India disinformation campaign involved The Naya Pakistan Group (NPG), operating from Pakistan, having a network of YouTube channels

exchange4media Staff Dec 21, 2021 7:28 PM

Arjun Mohan?blur=25

e4m Conclave: upGrad CEO emphasised that TV can’t reach a certain niche population despite having a wider reach

exchange4media Staff Dec 14, 2021 8:48 AM