The IMDb list includes most popular Indian web series of all time

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Industry observers say the South market has a stronger news consumption pattern and with this state poll being touted as a barometer for the general elections, the viewership interest is even higher

Nilanjana Basu May 5, 2023 8:39 AM

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While White Rivers Media won the ‘Agency of the Year’ award, The Viral Fever took home ‘Video Content Company of the Year’ honour

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Between Nov 6 and Dec 3, BIG FM took and Radio Mirchi took lead in Bangalore and Kolkata respectively

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BIG FM stayed steady on top of the Bangalore charts and Radio Mirchi on Kolkata

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Big FM led in Bangalore whereas Radio Mirchi maintained top spot in Kolkata

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Radio Mirchi stayed ahead in Kolkata while Big FM topped in Bangalore

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Radio Mirchi trounced the competition in Kolkata while Big FM stayed ahead in Bangalore

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Big FM took the lead in Bangalore and Radio Mirchi topped in Kolkata

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Fever FM took the lead in Delhi and Big FM stayed on top in Bangalore

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Experts say factors such as rise in consumer spending and lifting of restrictions for on-ground events are driving the growth

Sonam Saini Sep 19, 2022 9:00 AM

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Radio Mirchi also led in Kolkata while Big FM stayed on top of the charts in Bangalore

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