Of these complaints, 123 belonged to healthcare,  83 to education sector,  seven to food & beverages sector,  two to personal care and 14 were from ‘others’ category

exchange4media Staff 22-May-2019

The constituted committee will be empowered to review and monitor the implementation of the provisions of The Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954 and Rules there under for curbing misleading advertisements of ASU & H drugs.

exchange4media Staff 17-April-2018

The SC agrees that ASCI serves as an effective pre-emptive step to statutory provisions in the sphere of media regulation for TV and Radio programmes in India.

exchange4media Staff 07-February-2017

A sub-committee formed by the Press Council of India held obscenity to be an evolving concept that had to be dealt with on a case-to-case basis

Saif Ahmad Khan 16-September-2016

Non-compliance of ASCI's code of self regulation is a violation of Rule 7 (9) of the Advertising Code contained in the CTN Rules (1994), which states, "No ad which violates the code of self regulation in advertising... shall be carried in the cable service"

exchange4media Staff 23-August-2014

ASCI has issued fresh set of rules framed by the Board of Governors for the conduct of elections. These rules shall complement those already stated in the Memorandum and Articles of Association and be subject to them

exchange4media Staff 07-August-2014

Purandare, currently COO of ASCI, has over 22 years of industry experience. Ashutosh Geedh has been appointed for the newly created post of Chief Administrative Officer

exchange4media Staff 28-May-2014

ASCI has taken effective action to reduce the complaint processing turnaround time from 45 days two years back to just 12 days on an average currently; gets over 90% compliance of its decisions

exchange4media Staff 22-March-2014

In December 2013, ASCI's Consumer Complaints Council upheld complaints against 87 ads out of 108 ads, with Health & Personal Care category continuing to lead with the highest number of complaints received

exchange4media Staff 20-March-2014

ASCI has upheld the complaint against the ad that claims "Nine out of 10 dentists agree that Oral-B Pro Health is the best toothpaste in India", and said it is misleading as it is based on a faulty survey

exchange4media Staff 17-January-2014

Education, health and personal care categories continued to lead with the highest number of complaints received

exchange4media Staff 08-January-2014

For the first time, ASCI has tracked & upheld complaints against four online ads, which include two HUL brands - Ponds BB Cream & Sun Silk Perfect Straight

exchange4media Staff 24-August-2013

Health & Personal Care and Education were the main categories that continued to make misleading claims and come under the scanner of the CCC

exchange4media Staff 25-June-2013

ASCI, through National Advertising Monitoring Service, has now started tracking advertisements in print and TV nationally against which complaints are upheld

exchange4media Staff 24-May-2013

This new initiative ensures immediate action against advertisements that are not in public interest

exchange4media Staff 03-April-2013

In addition to upholding complaints against Havells, Bajaj Electricals, some of the other brands under the ASCI radar are Emami, Dainik Bhaskar Group

exchange4media Staff 06-February-2013

Consumer Complaints Council upheld complaints against 16 ads in Oct 2012. There was a notable rise in education sector ad complaints being upheld

exchange4media Staff 29-December-2012

There was significant increase in the number of complaints against ads in August because of the pick up by National Advertising Monitoring Service

exchange4media Staff 10-November-2012

Most of the complaints relate to the education, healthcare, FMCG and food sectors. The CCC has upheld complaints against 25 out of 38 ads

exchange4media Staff 04-October-2012

A whitepaper released by CII says adding more government legislations or authorities will not help

exchange4media Staff 03-October-2012