Experts from FoxyMoron, WorldWide Media, Zirca Digital Solutions, White Rivers Media talk about the need for an effective means of distribution to reach the audience

Misbaah Mansuri 30-August-2018

Global native advertising spends are set to double in the next few years; increasing from $30.9 billion in 2015 to $59.35 billion in 2018, as per the Native Advertising Institute

Neena Dasgupta 13-November-2017

The objective of content marketing is not just to encourage product purchase or generate ROI. The key to its success lies in building relationships based on trust, opines Dasgupta

Neena Dasgupta 25-September-2017

The evolution of digital really is the evolution of human ambition and enterprise, says Dasgupta

Neena Dasgupta 09-August-2017

ZIRCA has won the mandate to exclusively sell MailOnline’s advertising across India and, in turn, help expand the in-country reach of the world’s largest English language newspaper website

exchange4media Staff 07-September-2016

Thompson will be operating from ZIRCA’s Singapore office and her primary role will be to expand the content solutions vertical in addition to adding to the core business of representation and demand management for marketers targeting India as a part of their key markets

exchange4media Staff 06-April-2016

In order to strengthen its services in the new markets, Zirca has appointed Sukesh Singh as Consultant – Sales and Business Development who will be based out of Singapore

exchange4media Staff 02-November-2015

Thakur will be heading the sales function at Zirca Digital Solutions and will also look into data and technology partnerships and sales strategy

exchange4media Staff 14-January-2014

S Korea based TV channel KBS World is being distributed and broadcast via pay TV operators all around the world, including Reliance Big TV in India.

exchange4media Staff 19-December-2011

Aidem Ventures has been appointed as the media representative for The Economist online business in India to strengthen its presence in the Indian market.

Shree Lahiri 29-November-2011