Ahmedabad, Indore, Chandigarh, Pune are emerging markets in OOH: Haresh Nayak, Posterscope

Nayak, Group MD of Posterscope, South Asia, India, talks about the different kinds of avenues brands tap into while leveraging OOH during the festive season

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Updated: Oct 21, 2019 10:22 AM


Haresh Nayak Posterscope

The industry is currently is reportedly going through a major slowdown and brands are cutting costs to stay afloat in the segment but not during festivities. Yes, here comes the festive season and happy times for brands and the media industry arrives too.

We spoke to Haresh Nayak, Group MD - Posterscope- South Asia, India to understand what are the different kinds of avenues brands tap into while resorting to OOH during festivities; the emerging markets and what kind of brands are investing heavily during this time of the year and more.

Edited excerpts: 

What are the different kinds of avenues brands can tap into while leveraging OOH?

There are a lot of avenues, from different markets to different types of formats. In the coming 2-3 months, there will be a lot of activities in the OOH space but a client can also look at DOOH where a lot of engagement activity can be done along with the traditional media and digital media. At places like malls and beauty parlours, there are a lot of captive audiences present. So, within these spaces, there are many options today. We have been doing initiatives in malls and colleges. We are looking at beauty parlours as a big segment because a lot of engagement is there during the festive season.

Also, we're trying to do something where potentially a lot of talking is going to happen in a mall. We are not only looking at digital and traditional media options within the mall but also doing geofencing and connecting them with digital. For example, we did a combination of social media along with the traditional OOH or DOOH in the mall and if someone is surfing something on the net, he/she will get to see a similar notification on their handsets.

 Which brands are investing more in OOH during festival season?

Automobile brands such as  Maruti Suzuki, Honda, and mobile handset as a category with brands such as Oppo, One plus, Redmi etc, are active right now. All the FMCG brands and e-Commerce brands opt to invest heavily during this time of the year with their discounts/offers. Banks namely Standard Chartered and HDFC are active too with their offers of debit/credit cards.

What kind of OOH is working? Is it the celebrity hoarding or is it the traditional billboards, what is it that's working in terms of creatives?

It is a combination of everything. In a world which is so cluttered and complex, every customer is different. Ultimately we need to have a communication which is reaching one-on-one and not going to many. So, in this scenario, you cannot say that one activity will work or two activities will. It needs to be a holistic 360-degree view and a combination of everything.

What are the emerging markets in the OOH space?

Markets like Ahmedabad, Indore, Chandigarh, Pune are the new emerging markets. The reason being, we have good quality out-of-home media inventories in place and different infrastructure in place. If you look at beyond these four metro cities, I think these small cities are learning quickly and not repeating the mistakes done by the metros because the learning curve is much faster.

How are brands today investing their advertising budgets in emerging markets?

It depends a lot on their marketing; everything starts with it. There are a lot of factors including their goals, objectives, whether their product will penetrate in the market way better. Brands are available in metros because the population is larger, so the potential is more in terms of location. Brands like Mahindra and FMCG brands are also working in the rural markets, because the demand in the rural, as well as, the metro is equal.

Do different brands look for different positioning to target a specific audience base? 

That’s our goal as an agency. Every agency has its own unique way of planning. We don't consider outdoor advertising companies; we push within ourselves as a location-based marketing company. The moment you chose a position, the data analytics, technology and insight which you are able to provide to your client to take the right decision is very difficult. And for us, the kind of investments we have done in various API’s and data points, we are able to make those decisions.

We are also looking at influencers who will work with us. We are also looking at the key markets and suggesting celebrities or influencers who are right for brands for hyper-local penetration and creating content. Various initiatives have been taken by brands to become more accountable and also more hyper-local.

For example, Flipkart investing their advertising budgets in emerging markets and Coolberg as an upcoming brand that does the same.

Is the OOH industry a victim of economic slowdown?

Yes, we have witnessed it, but because of the festive season, it is looking a little better. But before the arrival of the festivities, things were not how it was last year.

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