Our ability to drive meaningful conversations is high as a medium: Sunil Kumaran, BIG FM

Kumaran, Country Head - Product, Marketing & THWINK BIG, BIG FM, talks about the aim of repositioning their brand with purpose-driven marketing campaigns

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Updated: Nov 26, 2019 9:13 AM


Sunil Kumaran BIG FM

BIG FM is the No.1 Player in the industry (as per IRS Q2 2019*). This year they came out with a plethora of purpose-driven marketing campaigns in line with their brand philosophy. BIG FM 92.7 made an effort to go on-ground with the help of their RJ's to bring about a change. As their RJs are trusted voices with a hyperlocal reach.

Sunil Kumaran, Country Head - Product, Marketing & THWINK BIG, BIG FM shares about the various purpose-driven marketing campaigns and the need for it. He said, "The whole repositioning exercise started off with the "Dhun Badalke Toh Dekho" premise we created. Today, a brand requires a larger purpose of existence. Consumers don’t fall for the product features, they fall for why a brand exists. Especially, the new age millennial audience goes after what the brand stands for, and if the brand adds value to their life and society. It was important to arrive at a purpose for what the brand stands for. That is where the whole genesis of "Dhun Badalke Toh Dekho" happened and the premise of this was making people look at issues from a different perspective. Radio as a medium is ideally suited to do this. We are geographically widespread and locally present in every market. People engage with us while listening to the radio many times. Our ability to drive meaningful conversations and drive change is high as a medium and not just as a brand.”

The impact of "Dhun Badalke Toh Dekho" was 1.84 crore reach ON AIR in just 4 Metros, 50 plus cities listened to the show ON AIR and 140 million-plus reach on social media.

Big FM has launched over 15 initiatives in the purpose-driven marketing space. One of the noteworthy campaigns were ‘Dilli Ke Dhaakad’. The aim was to reclaim public spaces for women and tackle the critical issue of women's safety in the capital. The campaign was led by RJ Richa Anirudh who has constantly been the leading light in acknowledging women issues prevailing in the society. The radio station took multiple initiatives right from launching song Dilli Ko Nirbhay Kar which went viral and raiding the unsafe places. RJ Jassi did a 12-hour live show in Burari in association with the Delhi Police and 24-hour live show '24 Ghante Surakshit' which was organized with an intent to change the outlook towards the safety of the women across Delhi NCR. The digital reach of this campaign was 1.8 million.

Shramdaan for water harvesting was another cause-driven campaign. BIG FM’s celebrity RJ Vrajesh Hirjee traveled to Udachiwadi with a team of listeners to help volunteer and build a water harvesting system that can help the villagers in the long term to save rainwater. The digital reach of this campaign is 150k.

The brand affinity towards Big FM has increased due to these initiatives. “In Mumbai, both the morning and evening primetime shows are the leading shows in the market. In Delhi, we were struggling before but now the morning show has seen a significant improvement in terms of shares digitally. Even in Bangalore, RJ Rashmi’s show has become No.1. Chennai has done an amazing amount of activity in the purpose-driven marketing space and we have seen a lot of traction in terms of people calling and engaging," remarked Kumaran.

Talking about the changing trends in the Radio industry, Kumaran said, “Media platforms have to be much more accountable now about what they do. At a brand level as well as what you do for your clients who come in and advertise. That has become the need of the hour. You need to have more focused ROI driven conversations that clients are increasingly asking for. For Radio, we are looking at different ways to approach a business. Instead of Radio as just a platform where you come in and advertise, we are looking at Radio as becoming a partner where you can consult with for marketing issues. Our sales team tries to understand the business challenges of the clients. If you look at the major part of our campaigns, Radio is one of the media platforms that we use. We do a lot on Digital. Some campaigns are more digitally skewed than on Radio, then on-ground and mobile. The starting point is who and where the consumer is and finding a solution to solve the business problem. We have engineered our working in that style as we want more ROI. The recommendation that goes to our client, in the end, is not just a creative but a business recommendation as well.”

The Radio and Digital proposition for the show "Dhun Badalke Toh Dekho" worked very well for the brand both in the pre and post-campaign stage. It started building BIG FM’s expertise to deliver plans that are effective and measurable as they could garner data digitally to scale the effect of the campaign.

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