The ministry issued an advisory after a TV channel featured a person belonging to a banned organisation who made several untoward comments on air

e4m Staff Sep 22, 2023 8:40 AM


As per the D&P Advisory report, the bifurcation of media rights resulted in a competitive fervour between the digital and the TV broadcaster

e4m Staff Sep 21, 2023 12:35 PM

Rahul Welde?blur=25

Welde will help the company in international expansion and further forays into digital services

e4m Staff Sep 20, 2023 8:54 AM

Altyvist Advisors?blur=25

Sharma has three decades of experience in business and brand development and dons many hats in the industry

e4m Staff Sep 15, 2023 2:55 PM


Industry veterans will help the company bolster governance and reporting

e4m Desk Jul 13, 2023 5:28 PM

Dr. Srinath Sridharan?blur=25

Guest Column: Dr. Srinath Sridharan, Author, Policy Researcher & Corporate Advisor, writes why the responsibility of upholding truth lies not only with journalists but also individuals & institutions

Dr. Srinath Sridharan Jul 6, 2023 6:58 PM


The government recently said that online publishers will have to show anti-tobacco ads that are at least 30 seconds long

e4m Desk Jun 3, 2023 9:18 AM


At the e4m IPRCCC, experts shared insights on how marketers maintain the pace with changing demands of consumer markets, the mix of physical and digital and more

e4m Desk May 8, 2023 1:28 PM


An analysis by D&P Advisory 'IPL: The Pioneer of Indian Unicorns' said that the valuation of the league has steadily increased since the year of its inception

e4m Desk Mar 23, 2023 8:55 AM

Bhaskar Das?blur=25

In his new role, Das will oversee the company’s operations, drive strategic initiatives and collaborations and expand the company in newer geographies

e4m Desk Feb 15, 2023 4:53 PM


MIB issues advisory after observing that some channels have reported incidents of accidents, deaths, and violence in a manner that was quite unpalatable to the eyes and ears of a common viewer

e4m Desk Jan 9, 2023 3:20 PM


The value of the IPL ecosystem has grown 75% in dollar terms since 2020, D and P Advisory's 'Beyond 22 Yards' report

e4m Desk Dec 21, 2022 8:40 AM

Ryan alan?blur=25

Marshall has joined as Senior Director to lead its Public Relations & Advisory arm

e4m Desk Nov 2, 2022 2:56 PM

LS Digital?blur=25

Logicserve Digital, which has a presence in India and MEA markets, has rebranded as LS Digital

e4m Desk Jul 30, 2022 4:36 PM

emerging pr?blur=25

The winners were judged and evaluated on various parameters by an internal jury

e4m Desk Jul 21, 2022 4:41 PM


He has led the financial development of PepsiCo's investment in India, in the past

e4m Desk Jun 16, 2022 4:34 PM


The advisory says such coverages appear to be violative of the Programme Code as defined under Section 5 of the Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act, 1995

e4m Desk Jun 14, 2022 12:58 PM