OOH creates impact, drives action, creativity, and has relevance in media: Experts

At the NEONS OOH Conference, Posterscope India's Fabian Trevor Cowan, Madison Media's Ramesh Bhaskaran, Signpost India's Rahul Mago, presented case studies that explored the efficacy of the OOH medium

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Published: Mar 14, 2020 8:57 AM  | 5 min read

On the second day of the 10th edition of e4m's NEONS OOH Conference, Fabian Trevor Cowan, Director, Posterscope India, Ramesh Bhaskaran, National Creative Director, Madison Media and Rahul Mago, Associate Creative Director, Signpost India Pvt Ltd took the stage to present interesting case studies of OOH campaigns their agencies carried out for various brands. The case studies explored the efficacy of the OOH medium and how it creates unavoidable impact, drives action, has relevance in media and message, and drives creativity.

Fabian Trevor Cowan, Director, Posterscope India, decoded how Out-of-home media works and how it can be effective for brands and clients. He began his session by saying, “We're living in a day and age where the scarcest thing on earth is not oil, but audience attention, and where once our viewing and listening choices were limited, now there are almost infinite, and this has created a new advertising scarcity- audience attention”.

Explaining how we can attract people's attention through OOH, Cowan said, “Creativity does not wait for that perfect moment, it fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones”. He asked, “How do you get people to experience a brand in the OOH space?”

He then took the audience through a campaign Posterscope India carried out for Adidas for the FIFA 2018 World Cup and how the idea engaged people and created a lot of buzz around the brand. The campaign encouraged people to pull on a rope hanging from a unipole of the billboard, after which a football would be released for people to take with them. This, he said created engagement for the brand around the event by bringing people together through innovative outdoor solutions.

Cowan further elaborated on how to use the intelligence of a location to create ideas that actually help the brand get closer to its customers. He then spoke about another case study of Chakra Tea. The company aimed to build a connect with the consumers in a Tier-3 town, where OOH is a challenge. Cowan explained how Posterscope took the location understanding - the understanding of the customer - and brought an idea together which allowed the brand the get close to the audience.

Cowan concluded his session by saying, “OOH is not only about doing innovations on a billboard, but it's also about understanding a location, seeing where the customer is and creating an idea that can bring the brand and the customer together. So you need to think out of the box, out of the billboard and look at opportunities that can create ideas that brands can relate to.”

Ramesh Bhaskaran, National Creative Director, Madison Media began his session by explaining how Madison Media created an unavoidable impact. Bhaskaran pointed out how they created 'India biggest drone light show' for the launch of OPPO Reno Pro 3.

He explained, “The brief was clear – do something that was never done before in India. It was a great idea, but great ideas come with great challenges. The first challenge was that it had to be a public event. The second challenge was that Mumbai's Marine Drive was chosen as the location, and the third was getting permissions because flying drones in India was not permitted and it was never done before”.

Bhaskaran explained that the activation took more than 3 months of planning, nine minutes of seamless storytelling by more than 250 drones and the entire activity was live-streamed on social media platforms and garnered around 1.1 million views in the first 32 hours.

He then spoke about how Madison Media created relevance in media and message through another case study, Vodafone's 'Breathe the Change' campaign, aimed at fighting pollution in Agra. Bhaskaran explained that the idea was to create a mobile van that travelled to different locations in the city to purify the air. The van was embedded with 3 layers of purifying fabric which would trap the pollution from air passing through it and release clean and odourless air. Two mobile vans travelled across 100 locations and the vans purified 465 lakh cubic meters of air during the campaign.

In the third case study, Bhaskaran highlighted how Madison drove creativity with innovation in VIP's 'Impossible Offer' campaign wherein VIP announced an assured return domestic flight on purchases worth Rs 5999. Bhaskaran explained that since the offer was about free air tickets, they decided to use actual aircraft to trigger communication on the billboards.

Finally, Bhaskaran touched upon Idea's 'India Ka Live Network' campaign which illustrated how the agency drove positive change in the media.

Rahul Mago, Associate Creative Director, Signpost India Pvt Ltd, asserted, “We sell power. The power of creativity; the power of ideas, which is more necessary when we talk about out-of-home media".

He spoke about pairing out-of-home media with creativity as a 'jodi' that creates impact, teamwork, that drives memorability and action, conveys stature and most importantly, brings out great storytelling.

Mago then took the audience through case studies that harnessed the power of creativity and OOH media. The first case study he shared was of Nescafe Sunrise giving a face to 'coffee heroes' and coffee stalls in Chennai which created a human connection through the campaign which reached 6 million people.

Another case study was the fbb's 'Glam Tram' campaign which was presented as a retail store on wheels. Mago said the objective of the campaign was to touch on the iconic tram in Kolkata, to reach consumers during Durga Puja. The campaign garnered more than 350 footfalls per day and a 24 per cent growth in sales.

Concluding his session, Mago said, “If we are using our innovation and ideas with OOH media, it creates impact and that lasts forever”.

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