NEONS OOH Conference: Amit Tiwari explains the beautiful synergy of Internet & OOH

According to Tiwari, Vice President-Marketing, Havells India, Internet and Outdoor are the fastest growing mediums

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Updated: Mar 11, 2019 8:21 AM

At the ninth edition of the NEONS OOH Conference 2019, Amit Tiwari, Vice President-Marketing, Havells India, shared valuable insights on how the beautiful synergy of two powerful mediums-- Internet and OOH-- has shaped global trends.

Speaking at the event, held at The Leela Ambience in Gurugram on Friday, Tiwari explained how the two mediums are inter-related and have provided immense growth to advertisers in the industry.

“It is always splendid to talk about the possibilities we have today due to the synergy of the two powerful mediums in the advertising industry– Internet and OOH,” said Tiwari.

Tiwari highlighted that it has become common for people to say that a particular medium is dying or the other medium is killing the previous one. “The fact of the matter is that nobody kills or no one dies. They exist coherently,” he said.

“The peaceful co-existence is happening because of the nature of the inter-dependent mediums. In 2003, a term called ‘media multiplier effect’ was coined. This term exists today when we do media planning,” he said.

Talking about the global scenario, Tiwari said, “If we see the current trends globally, in 2018, outdoor contributed 3.1 per cent of the overall global advertising spends. If you do a comparison between the most matured media options today, outdoor leads at least by  double than what it contributes. But, on the other hand, if you see the share of global ad spends by format, outdoor contributes 7 per cent globally.”

“And if I really want to build a combination of internet and outdoor, the two are the fastest growing mediums and are the highest contributors,” added Tiwari.

Explaining how the two mediums have contributed to the growth globally, he continued, “Today people don’t only advertise products. They don’t only talk about the campaigns that they do. They pick up themes that are relevant to people. We always talk about contacting our consumers. But that’s a wrong phenomenon. We don’t contact, but we connect with our consumers.”

“But how do you actually connect? If you want to address a problem or be proactive about a social cause, you want to build a connect and not just contact.  Therefore, contact is short-lived and connect is long-lived.” This connects consumers to the brand, to the soul of the brand and to the message that you are trying to build, said Tiwari.

“The entire global trend is shifting in a very powerful way because of the two mediums. Today, it’s not an ‘either-or’ choice. It is a direct co-relation between the two mediums of internet and outdoor. It is not that the internet is helping in the entire transformation of outdoor, but vice versa.”

“One important observation that has been made is that there are three terms under the sun that are being highly misused. They are Strategy, Internet and Technology. One has to realise that in the contemporary world, the mediums talk to each other. There is a synergy between outdoor, digital and internet. It helps an advertiser grow in the industry,” Tiwari said.      

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