Sunil Lulla’s lessons from COVID: ‘Live your life normally & don't get scared’

BARC CEO Sunil Lulla spoke to exchange4media Editor Naziya Alvi Rahman on his recovery from COVID-19

e4m by Naziya Alvi Rahman
Updated: Jul 11, 2020 4:22 PM
Sunil Lulla

Apart from the various aspects of the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, we, at exchange4media, today bring to you the inspiring story of an industry veteran - BARC CEO Sunil Lulla - who has emerged even stronger after putting up a tough fight against Coronavirus.

While Lulla shared how he was having bouts of fever and was low on energy he also said that he had anticipated that the test results would come positive. “I'd already made arrangements to self-govern myself. So the only thing was I had to plan my day smartly, cannot do everything myself. I had to wash my clothes, do my dishes, put them in and out, do all of that clean my room. I continued to work through that period.”

The BARC CEO was also appreciative of the way the BMC staff was keeping a track of his health conditions and following the protocols. “On an overall basis, that experience of I would say is remote touch right through technology, and them be very sensitive is highly appreciated.”

Lulla stressed on the importance of being open about the condition. “I always believe that you should speak about it and not hide it. And you should be open about it.”

Talking of the support he received, Lulla said: “My wife had been extremely supportive. And she never doubted for a moment that I will not recover. The staff was very supportive too.”

Sharing about the functioning of the BARC office, Lulla said: “We follow the protocol of only X number of people, which is defined by the government. So despite the fact that as a media as a part of essential service, we could do hundred percent occupancy, we chose not to do so. We have to release the currency data every week, and I don't think in all our contingency planning, we would have envisaged that a day would come when we would have to switch out so fast.”

Lulla also spoke about the way the BARC staff was provided with facilities to work out of home. “We made sure all our panel homes were safe and we could monitor. So I think there's a lesson out of this is. It's not a very healthy lesson from a sociological point of view, but we could operate without a physical structure.”

Sharing his thoughts about the pandemic, Lulla pointed out, “There should be no stigma about it. There's a lot of apprehension. It's really important for the family to continue to express confidence, love and togetherness. You can fight this and you need to be alert. I will continue to be very vigilant and careful for many weeks to come because you need to recover fully. The good part is if somebody is in trouble, I intend to donate my blood because it's got the covert positive plasma as immunity for that person to help that person recover. I just say live your life normally and don't get scared. Don't do foolish things and don't break the rules that the government has put out.”

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