Music composers and artists should get a fair share of royalty: Amaal Malik

Malik was speaking to Kailashnath Adhikari, MD Governance Now, during the Visionary Talk series

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Published: Mar 19, 2021 8:56 AM  | 4 min read
Amaan Malik

Calling out for protecting royalties and rights of music authors, music composer Amaal Malik has lamented that labels are not giving credits to the original composers, nor giving prominence to their names.

During a live conversation with Kailashnath Adhikari, MD Governance Now, the musician said that it is extremely important to protect the rights and royalties of authors.

“The composers and lyricists have always worked extremely hard on their music, and to create a positive atmosphere in the industry, it is important to protect their rights,” said Malik. He was speaking during the webcast of the Visionary Talk series held by the public policy and governance analysis platform. 

Though remixes have been there for 20 years, he said, none of them gives prominence to original composers. “With so many remixes happening for so long, now there is no pop music. Same in films. In films too, it happened so much that now independent music is doing better than film music,” Malik said.

The music director, singer, background scorer, performer, and lyricist said that original composers and music authors must fight for their rights so that their names are mentioned on labels.

“It is shameful. Labels must give respect to original composers and singers and mention their names on titles or with the remix singer. This is basic ethics,’’ he said.

While speaking on how internet and technology has helped create and access music, he said the internet has helped create music and provided easy access through various streaming platforms.

“It has helped create music. Earlier music could be accessed only through YouTube but now there are many streaming platforms. It is good that through internet, music is reaching out to the huge population.”

He however added that the internet has also created a challenge as songs get ripped before the release of the film. He said listeners must access music through streaming sites only as that is the legal way to do it.

Malik said that a song composed in a small room has the power to touch millions and millions of hearts all over the world. The melody may come to your mind anytime but while producing music you need gear, speakers, and other required equipment. Pandemic changed it all as all this was managed sitting at home.

“During lockdown, when filmmaking had stopped, the only source of replenishing our souls, was music. Music has the power to touch souls so much so that even without knowing the musician, the listener is connected to him. Every time the person is listening to your song, he is paying for you. Whether the musician is alive or not, his music is always alive and stays in the heart of people.”

He added that for the upcoming film Saina, based on India badminton singles player Saina Nehwal, he recorded an entire Macedonia orchestra that took place in Greece and the complete score was done through Skype. “Just by pressing a recording button there and a play button here, we had 40 musicians from a foreign country playing in our studio here with the same audio quality that was played in Greece. During pandemic, through such software including Zoom, I have had many interactions with world musicians and able to create music in a beautiful way.” Technology has no borders. It has made communication and interaction extremely easy and helped create beautiful music.”       

Responding to a question on how he composes music for biopics on living personalities, Malik said it is important to keep in mind how the personality wants to be represented. The music has to be simple and hummable. “Mentally, I have to grow with the character. Only then the music will be script-bound and strike a chord with listeners. Without feeling pressurized, the responsibility for creating music for that personality falls on your shoulders and you cannot go wrong with that. You cannot cheat the soul of that living personality.”

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