MarTech League: ‘Programmatic is here to stay & it will make things faster for marketers’

Panellists Ankit Oberoi, Abhishek Gupta, Karan Gupta, Samyuka Iyer and Sunny Nagpal shared insights on optimizing digital with programmatic advertising

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Published: Oct 31, 2020 8:02 AM  | 4 min read

The MarTech League Fridays webinar conducted yesterday saw a panel of experts deliberating on the topic, ‘Programmatic Advertising- Optimizing the Next Gen of Digital.’

The panel was chaired by Ankit Oberoi, CEO and Co-Founder, AdPushup. The other esteemed speakers were Abhishek Gupta, CMO, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance; Karan Gupta, CEO, Alchemy Group; Sunny Nagpal, Co-Founder & Managing Director APAC- Httpool; and Samyuka Iyer, Head of Marketing, Baskin Robbins.

Setting the context of the virtual discussion, Oberoi shared insights on the rising importance of programmatic advertising in the digital-first era. He then opened question around the change in consumer behaviour post-Covid and how it has impacted the programmatic strategy.

Iyer initiated by saying, “Online audience has widened because of Covid. People have become comfortable being online. There is a huge shift that has happened which has opened lot of opportunities. Entrepreneurial thinking has got wings, so a new ecosystem has been born.”

Speaking about the changed consumer behaviour, Abhishek Gupta cited seven different behavioural changes that has come in the consumers. The seven changes he listed were increased importance of family, DIY, saving tendency, treasure things that money couldn’t buy, self-reliance, being socially responsible and prioritizing health. He added, “There is an increase in the acceptance of insurance because of this pandemic. The insurance industry has observed decent growths from the month of August to September. Awareness and necessity of insurance has increased," he shared.

Talking about massive digital upsurge, Oberoi put the spotlight on how programmatic has given a vast scope to data and feedback. He said, “Marketers have become used to data for optimization of their campaigns. Programmatic has given huge scope to data and feedback mechanism which earlier did not exist in the offline world.”

Moving the conversation forward, the session chair build context around the fundamental role of a campaign and the programmatic value chain. The panellists were then quizzed on how they are leveraging Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or any other technology to optimize specific components of the programmatic value chain from targeting to conversion.

Nagpal emphasized on hybrid approach being put in by the new-age advertisers and marketers for better engagements. He opined, “ML, AI, Big Data will help marketers optimize their campaigns for their TG.”

Adding another perspective, Karan Gupta spoke about contextual advertising. He said, “Contextual advertising and content optimization will become major areas for programmatic advertising.”

Talking about phasing out of third party cookies, Oberoi asked the marketers in the room about how they are planning to adapt to the loss of data and how will this change the way they target audiences?

Iyer responded that it has now become important for marketers to let their consumers know that there are being targeted for a particular product. "It is important to let the consumer know. We are making their buying cycle simpler by following cookies, but yes, we need to handle the fear psychosis as well. We need to empower our consumers,” she said.

Amplifying Iyer’s point, Abhishek Gupta too said that this type of targeting is still not part of conversations, but it is high time, marketers took this into consideration.

Responding to the question on how are marketers ensuring a better balance between user privacy and advertising ROI, Nagpal asserted that consumers are much more aware today and so is the advertising industry. “Brands need to become more sensitive to consumer data to deliver better ROI.”

On being asked how does a platform ensure the balance between data privacy and advertising ROI, Karan Gupta said, “Consumer behaviour, content consumption, and category behaviour have changed. Contextual led optimizations are the classic choice for better ROI.”

Moving towards the conclusion, Oberoi added that transparency initiatives taken by brands have generated trust among the users. "Programmatic is here to stay and it will evolve and make things faster for us," concluded Iyer.


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