Moment Marketing: How brands are picking up on the trend

With moment marketing, brands are embracing current events by creating campaigns around them which people can relate to easily

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Published: Jul 9, 2019 8:49 AM  | 5 min read
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While digital marketing is considered a boon for marketers, moment marketing has come up to the front in recent years. Running static marketing ideas and campaigns are practices of the past. Consideration of current events and happenings across channels is the current trend and this trend is here to stay.

Moment marketing is embracing current events by creating campaigns around it which people can relate to easily. Through this, you are more likely to reach your target audience. Putting this in other words, moment marketing is delivering the right message at the right time to hit people’s consciences. Moment marketing uses offline experiences of events for online interactions. Brands have become reactive to the happenings around.

With Pepsi starting a campaign of "Har ghoonth me swag" for the high DU cut-offs to Manforce immediately capitalising on Arnab’s Sunny Deol to Sunny Leone slip of the tongue to Indigo advertising for Yuvraj Singh’s requirement,  these popular brands try to be in a constant loop with the common people. Brands have always found ways to be a part of people's lives and they try to leverage the events and use in their advertisments to be a part of the moment.

We spoke to industry experts to get their opinion on this trend.

Pranabir Singh, Director, Media Planning, DCMN India thinks moment marketing works in an environment where it should be relevant to both the consumers and the brand. Brands are very spontaneous in leveraging their position in the market by encashing the latest happenings in the offline world. It has become necessary for brands to associate. It is not a one-way channel. Both ways interactivity has become the new way out because power has shifted from brands to consumers. Brands are no longer in the authoritative position.

By using pun intended words and references, brands do market the moment. Brand expert Jagdeep Kapoor, CMD, Samsika Marketing Consultants said, ”In my opinion, a brand is a strong brand if it touches consumers’ lives. The brand must touch the consumer rationally, emotionally, aspirationally, physically and spiritually. I call this my REAPS module. Every moment can be a touch point. Brands using this through various ‘locations and occasions of consumption‘ do well. Brands are not built in factories or shelves of stores. They are built in the minds and hearts of consumers. Many people call these engagement and interactive moments as ‘moments of truth‘. These moments in advertising and marketing help make a momentous brand.

How beneficial is moment marketing for brands?

“In an era where most often the world is hooked on to all kinds of screens, almost for everything, it's important to keep in mind which moment is relevant for a brand to come in contact with their audience. Moment marketing works great if the brand knows and understands its audience's emotions and expectations. This directly throws light on how important data is for brands to truly know their audience. So with the right data, and some bit of quick planning, latching on to a particular moment/event can work wonders for the brand”, said Kishore Karumbaiah, CCO and Partner, Langoor Digital Advertising.  

"With many events gaining traction constantly, brands are always tempted to jump on to the bandwagon. But what marketers need to keep in mind is, that only if the event/moment is absolutely relevant for their brand should they dive straight in and create a storm out of it. And that they should not jump in to just gain some visibility, which can sometimes backfire," he added. 

Mithun Mukherjee, Associate Creative Director, Grapes Digital said that "Moment marketing is the best thing that has happened to the digital space in a long time. It has opened up a new window that allows brands to engage with its consumers in a conversation space of their liking. Also, conversation points that would previously create a spike, but just end by being a headline in a newspaper or short term gossip among acquaintances, now has the potential to a become creative for a brand that its audiences can engage with. Manforce Condoms has been a brand that has been setting new benchmarks for moment marketing. From their commentary on Arnab's slip-of-tongue onscreen to the new season of Stranger Things 'Upside Down' post, they have been constantly hitting it out of the park. There are brands like Eicher, who have created a niche in social creative, purely on the strength of moment marketing. Going forward, more brands will jump onto the bandwagon of moment marketing, once they realise that this 'marketing instrument' gives them the rare opportunity of being 'brand out' and 'interest-based' at the same time."

Also, it has become very necessary for brands to associate, to be a part of the physical diaspora. Mukherjee added,” It is becoming more and more relevant with every passing day. As the Internet audience continues to grow and be more engaged with topical activities, brands will constantly find newer avenues to engage through conversation points of their audience's choice. Be it the launch of a popular movie, a new government coming to power, or a celebrity kid wearing a certain brand of clothing, the new dialogue would be one between the brand and the audience discussing it. One of the earliest brands that managed to jump on the phenomenon was Amul Butter. Every nineties kids' nostalgia is filled with illustrations that came on the back of the butter packs and spoke about something that was trending at that time. Decades later, it is still a case study for moment marketing, with brands hoping to reach that level of recall with their marketing efforts”. 

Keeping all the positive aspects, moment marketing must be done carefully as to not hurt the sentiments. It should be done to break the clutter.

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