With insights and viewpoints of more than 50 stakeholders, this annual study will highlight the six critical parameters to be considered before deciding on spends

Ankur Gaurav 26-June-2014

The comprehensive study, involves ranking of national as well as regional media vehicles, will return in July 2014. The rankings are based on paremeters such as Media Delivery, Professionalism, Service Ability, & Innovation, among others

Ankur Gaurav 23-June-2014

Not restricted by issues of safety, age and destination, women travelling solo are the most noticeable trend in the Indian travel sector; which if rightly capitalized on, can create ripples

Ankur Gaurav 26-May-2014

Experts speak on how brands are immersing in the world of viral videos, making them entertaining, engaging, conversational and shareable

Ankur Gaurav 20-May-2014

From Harley Davidson to Hidesign, some cult brands become popular without investing in television advertising and create benchmarks in marketing

Ankur Gaurav 02-May-2014

Everybody knows & says that the world of consumers is changing, but they are changing to become hybrid consumers. There is no fragmentation now, says the Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo India

Ankur Gaurav 28-March-2014

According to industry experts, only technology and research can bring about the changes that the OOH advertising industry has been seeking for long

Ankur Gaurav 22-March-2014

With the 2014 installment of the OOH Awards & Conference to be held on March 20, jury members met to go through more than 500 entries across 21 categories before zeroing in on this year's winners

Ankur Gaurav 19-March-2014

Magazines can leverage social media for their growth by co-creating the content along with the readers as it would drive a lot of conversations & engagements, say industry experts

Ankur Gaurav 27-February-2014

Magazines talk to super influencers, hence are the most influential advtg mediums, said the Chairman & MD of Madison World, adding that unlike television, magazines cater to segmented audiences

Ankur Gaurav 26-February-2014

Innovation & inspiration are key virtues shared by Nike & sporting excellence. Building the sport leads to expanding the sportswear market, of which Nike already enjoys a healthy share, says the Mktg Head of Nike India

Ankur Gaurav 21-December-2013

Data-driven marketing will gain in significance only when it can segment and infer distinctive and personalised results for every single consumer, say industry experts

Ankur Gaurav 23-October-2013

CSR needs to progress to the 'shared value' concept in order to be more relevant, say industry experts

Ankur Gaurav 14-October-2013

For marketers today, some of the biggest challenges involve creating experiences for customers & innovation, say experts

Ankur Gaurav 13-September-2013

At present, mobile-based mktg is around 3% of the total mktg budget & only the business made by the channel will decide the acceptance of such advtg among the Indian audience, say experts

Ankur Gaurav 07-September-2013

The first day of the Forum saw industry experts discuss and debate ways of ensuring long-term sustainable mobile marketing and advertising strategies

Ankur Gaurav 05-September-2013

The rapid mushrooming of media institutes in the country has resulted in a serious shortage of faculty and quality education, say industry experts

Ankur Gaurav 22-August-2013