Measurement of OOH media is still the biggest challenge, say experts

According to industry experts, only technology and research can bring about the changes that the OOH advertising industry has been seeking for long

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Updated: Mar 22, 2014 9:04 AM
Measurement of OOH media is still the biggest challenge, say experts

Measurement continues to be the most tricky challenge faced by media planners, agencies and brands using out of home advertisement techniques. Speaking at exchange4media’s annual OOH Conference& Awards 2014, Haresh Nayak, Managing Director, Posterscope Group; Rohit Gupta, CEO,TIMDAA; and Alok Gupta, Director,GraphisAdsshared their views trying to figure out the shortcomings of the oldest medium in the country.

Technology will be the key factor in evolving OOH as a medium and making it a preferred choice for marketers in the coming years. According to Haresh Nayak, “No medium is perfect in offering the return on investments, and same is the case with OOH. However, with evolving technology, measurability will be much easier.” He cited the example of American agency, Izon Global Media,which took five years to use technology for measuring OOH media’s impact.

Rohit Gupta remarked, “Technology should be used in research, predicting the travellers’ behaviour, their economic status, and their interests and buying pattern. With such data coming out of the research, media planners can easily decide on the perfect location for their out of home advertisements.”Speaking on the significance of research, Gupta further said that marketers can also identify which locations did not serve their purpose using audience measurement tools, as such tools can accurately show for how many seconds a consumer has watched a particular advertisement.

On the other hand, Alok Gupta considered the gut feeling of the client to be the best tool to judge the impact of a certain billboard ad. He said, “I believe the gut feelof a client on whether a certain location serves their purpose is the best way till date to go about outdoor advertising and it works well between agencies and clients.” Gupta also mentioned that outdoor consumer survey gives unbiased results with which advertisers can measure the efficiency of their outdoor advertisements.

Airports have emerged as the best and most preferred out of home advertisement locations in the country. One probable reason could be regulatory authorities at airports, which not only give a proper visibility to the billboard, but also reduce the competitive boards around, which certainly divert attention.

While the speakers discussed the problems they are facing in the billboard advertising space,they unanimously agreed to the fact that measurement remains the most desired attribute of OOH advertisements and only technology and research can bring in the change that this industry has been seeking for long.

The OOH Conference& Awards 2014 was held in Gurgaon on March 20, 2014.

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