Idea's #MeriRealLife ad campaign: Yet another great Idea, Sirji?

The recent Idea ad developed by BBDO India show consumers talking about the perfect look & relationship goals on their social media while in their real lives they question their shallow behaviour

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Sep 26, 2018 8:58 AM

Addressing the growing phenomenon of the need for validation on social media, brand Idea recently launched a campaign titled #MeriRealLife, encouraging people to drop the pressure of chasing and sharing perfection on social media, and instead, share real, unfiltered stories using Idea 4G.

The campaign went live with the first two TVCs aired during the Live matches of Asia Cup Cricket Tournament. The brand released a series of three TVCs of 40 and 35 seconds duration capturing the concept through the lens of three people from different walks of life, sharing how their social media lives are different from their real lives. The ads show people talking about a fancy new car, the perfect look and relationship goals on their social media while in their real lives they are questioning their own shallow behaviour. The videos end with the characters having their moment of reckoning, where they encourage the world to share their real photos and videos with #MeriRealLife.

The new Idea campaign has been developed by BBDO India.

The campaign will be promoted on TV, Radio and Digital through high decibel visibility across 100+ TV Channels and strategic integrations in shows/programs such as 'Film Companion' by Anupama Chopra on digital, and popular radio shows ‘Heart to Heart with Meera’ and ‘Calling Karan’ on Ishq/Love 104.8 etc

Says team Vodafone-Idea, “As a thought leader, Idea believes that we need to propagate a culture of ‘Responsible use of Social Media’. With this latest campaign, Idea wants to elevate the role of Idea 4G beyond the category conversation to something that reflects its transformative role in people’s lives and society.”

Josy Paul, Chief Creative Officer & Chairman, BBDO India contends that content is nothing without context and so, the core idea for the creative communication was founded on a new-world conflict that needed urgent attention. “The Idea brand is about transformation – ‘An Idea can change your life’. It’s the pressure that social media and the constant need for external validation is putting on people. It’s the elephant in the room, the hidden truth. All we did was create a platform to counter this growing pressure. To create a world that’s more real. #MeriRealLife. It’s simple, empowering and transformative. It’s something that is aligned to brand Idea’s way of looking at the world,” he said.

Ad review

Aditya Kilpady, National Planning Director, Dentsu Impact feels that Idea has been bold to take a contrarian point-of-view to be real and responsible on social media. “Camera phone brands have created the pressure of chasing perfection on social media and gaining instant fame and recognition. The communication is simple and fresh. I am keen to see how they have taken the #MeriRealLife thought beyond a television ad, into social media where the real test lies,” points out Kilpady.

Deepak Singh, Chief Creative Officer, The Social Street opines that the approach of saying ‘be as you are or be yourself’ has already been explored by many brands. “The execution style of testimonials is also not new. And more importantly, I feel that if the ad was all about glorifying imperfection, the models should have been dressed and portrayed like simple and imperfect characters, which could have made the ad look more real,” he says.

Vibhor Yadav, Creative Director, Isobar appreciates Idea’s approach backed with purpose-led advertising. “It has worked for them earlier, and I am sure it will again. With the Idea-Vodafone merger, it’s imperative for the biggest player to go beyond product level and talk about some positive change. Based on a very relatable consumer insight of dual life, I believe, this campaign will make its way to the consumer’s mind,” asserts Yadav.

Axon Alex, Head of Strategy, The 120 Media Collective echoes the sentiment that the larger theme of sharing your real selves and ignoring pressures of social media perfection is one that has been talked about before, but the depth Idea has touched on with the personal stories is what makes it stand out. However, Alex remarks, “I just felt the execution could’ve been better highlighting this depth of the other side of ‘perfection’. It felt too manufactured which reduces the impact of the message. I like that they took this topic where there is a clear role for the brand as well as something that- in line with the brands rich advertising history, leaves you with food for thought.”

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