The refreshed brand identity features a visual identity and tone of voice that is more optimistic, ambitious, lively and provocative

exchange4media Staff 25-March-2019

Enormous will create Reliance Health Insurance’s new brand narrative and handle its subsequent launch in December 2018

exchange4media Staff 27-December-2018

ShopClues has rolled out its new TV ad campaign for the festive season. TVC brings to the fore the delightful offerings up for grabs this year on ShopClues with its tagline ‘Itne Kum Mein’ ’(At such a low price)

exchange4media Staff 01-October-2016

There are essentially three situations highlighted in this advertisement that are encountered by any lens manufacturer while making lenses manually: Incorrect diameter of the lens cut, power errors, and manhandling of lenses

exchange4media Staff 26-December-2015

Following a ‘flood of complaints’, MIB has requested to pull off condom ads during the day and air them only from 11pm to 5am. This has garnered collective industry criticism

Sarmistha Neogy 06-October-2015

Enormous won the account after a multi-agency pitch and will be working on a 360 degree advertising campaign which will focus key markets across the country

exchange4media Staff 10-September-2015

The TVC created by Enormous Brands positions ShopClues as marketplace for the masses & reinforces the proposition of offering widest selection of products at lowest-possible "wholesale rate"

exchange4media Staff 23-September-2014

Formed in partnership between Khazanchi, Ajay Verma & Vivek Suchanti, the newly-launched creative agency is working with clients in the areas of media & FMCG

exchange4media Staff 28-October-2013

Khazanchi likely to end his five and a half-year long stint with Publicis Ambience as National Creative Director & Vice Chairperson. His next move is unknown

Twishy 03-June-2013

Leaders share their eye-opening moment, taking forward the theme for this year’s Portfolio Night ‘An Eye-Opener’, which aims to bust advertising myths

Priyanka Mehra 22-May-2013

Santosh Padhi, Arun Iyer, Ashish Khazanchi & Sonal Dabral state their expectations from JWT’s Portfolio Night & share pearls of wisdom for the young lot

Priyanka Mehra 16-May-2013

The theme for this year’s Portfolio Night is ‘An Eye-Opener’, and the entire concept is built around the hashtag #WhatIThinkAboutAdvertising

exchange4media Staff 08-May-2013

Jyothy Laboratories Ltd has awarded Henko’s creative mandate to Publicis Ambience. This is further to the agency partnership realignment post the merger of Jyothy Laboratories and Henkel.

Shanta Saikia 20-October-2011

Deciphering India is a tough proposition even for Indian creative heads, in such a scenario, what value addition can expat creative heads bring?

Shubhangi Mehta 07-February-2011