Rural is as important as urban, so maximize reach: Amit Syngle

At the e4m TV First Conference, Syngle, the MD & CEO of Asian Paints, stressed on the need to focus on creatives and localize content

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Published: Apr 28, 2021 8:58 AM  | 4 min read
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The television industry has proven its mettle by being not only relevant in the time of digital but also resilient in the pandemic and resultant economic slowdown. Television has always been the most bankable bet for brands to ensure reach and recall. Weighing in on the same, Amit Syngle, MD & CEO, Asian Paints shared various game-changers when it comes to leveraging the medium to fetch high visibility and brand recall at the e4m TV First conference.

Syngle observed that while there is an emergence of lots of other media mixes, TV continues to reign supreme. 

“When we look at TV as a primary screen for overall Indian households, it helps us reach out to more than 892 million viewers who are residing across 210 million households. So, I think that's a huge ambit in terms of what you are able to touch, just by being on this media. For example, for any brand which has got a pan India presence and is kind of all across the country into the hinterland, this is a media which really maximizes the reach and to be very effective, it is something which you can use to really build brands and keep your saliency high. That obviously comes at a cost which you can really see over a period of time,” he said.

He noted that 2020 was the year of TV. “While some people call it the year of digital but when we see the entire unprecedented situation, so many people just glued onto the television. The overall viewership grew by 9% as per data. TV household ownership in rural markets also grew by 9% and if you look at the Hindi speaking markets there was also a growth of about 8% and overall, at an all India level was at about 7%. IPL viewership into 2020 for the opening match was a record by itself. I think that really kind of justifies that any impact property like that can really shake the viewership in a very strong manner,” Syngle pointed out.

Moreover, he shared that when the brand started off in 2000 and started connecting to audiences through television, it understood the power of emotional advertising. “We learnt that emotional advertising works the best. It is definitely about one and a half times more effective when compared to functional, and therefore, it also has a very very strong residual value,” he remarked. 

Through the session, he shared various masterpieces conceptualized by Asian Paints and how the brand grew through them all. Last year, during the pandemic, Asian Paints forayed into the sanitizer range and released an impactful ad to communicate the same. On the same, Syngle said, “We were the first one to look at how we can really help the government and the community. So we launched the whole range of sanitizers in a strong way. And we wondered how to communicate this. We did it with an ad on television and it worked wonders for the brand. In emotional advertising, when you use TV as a media, it just multiplies the whole effectiveness strongly. So I think that was the game-changer,” he remarked.

Furthermore, Syngle’s advice was about using content to integrate with impact properties. “People are glued to their favourite impact properties on television. If you are able to integrate the brand well there, it will help you gain massive reach. Be it IPL, KBC or multi-regional properties, impact properties can make all the difference,” he said.

Syngle emphasized the need to focus on creatives and localize content. “Brands in the regional market should keep in mind that keeping it local really works. If you keep it simple, I think that's something which really gets you a good impact. So whether it is a creative for the Northwest market or for any of the regional markets, we felt that dubbing really doesn't help. In terms of a creative, keeping it local works best. Rural is as crucial as urban so maximize reach,” he said.

Lastly, he expounded on connecting with today’s youth and how television can be leveraged to build brands. “Partner with TV channels to create communication that connects better with their viewers. Also, maximize weeks on-air as that helps keep the brand saliency high,” Syngle contended.

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