CMOs opine - Not possible to substitute TV as a primary brand building medium yet

At the TV First conference, a panel of experts from Pidilite, Dabur, Patanjali, FCB Ulka, Kellogg India and UltraTech Cement arrived at a consensus that to achieve scale in India TV is the way to go

e4m by Pallavi Borkar
Published: Feb 1, 2019 2:27 PM  | 9 min read
Panel 1

Is there a right answer to the question ‘Is TV still the most powerful brand-building medium for marketers?’ asked Saad Khan, National Planning Director, Strategic Planning, FCB Ulka, who chaired the panel discussion yesterday at exchange4media’s TV First conference in Mumbai.  

The discussion included panel speakers Sumit Mathur, Director Marketing, Kellogg India; Rajiv Dubey, Head of Media, Dabur; Vivek Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite; Avinash Kumar, AVP Marketing, Patanjali and Ajay Dang, Joint Executive President & Head – Marketing, UltraTech Cement. 

Khan explained how the media landscape has changed over the years in a big way. He spoke of the yesteryears when generations were brought up with only two mediums – television and print. But today there is digital, OTT, augmented reality and more mediums are springing up. “Digital is touching 300 million plus people, TV is reaching 800 million plus people, print is going to millions of households. In this complex scenario and with the availability of multiple mediums, how do you define the role of each medium; how do u manage the marketing mix or media mix?” questioned Khan to the panel members.

It‘s a million dollar question that media planning agencies have been solving quipped Mathur. “The task for us to grow our businesses is to know what is our source of growth, where they are, and how do we reach them in the most cost effective way. I'm a firm believer on reach; delivering more reach in the most cost effective way. To deliver this reach it is the medium that ensures how I can do it within the budget we have. Different brands will different requirements, so what works for them is important to understand,” explains Mathur.

He added, “If we look at pan India scale point of view, we have clearly done a lot of television, and it won’t go away soon. Television will always be the medium that gives the right ROI and right reach; it does come with spillovers and that’s the challenge; that is the role where a lot of good brand managers, good marketers will make the difference. How do you then top that reach in a cost-effective way? This is where digital comes into the picture. Digital will give you incremental reach. So then how do you play the mix to your benefit and the geography you are in and to the life stage your brand is in will have to be taken into consideration.” 

Kumar revealed, "I'm not a fan of TV advertising though we did spend a lot on it. Talking about television viewing, whenever there is an ad break you change your channel then how do you know it's hitting the right person/ consumer. The whole game is to reach 780 million people by TV. Today, the world has changed especially when u have 550 million people on high-speed internet, at least in digital I can know how many people I have reached. I know who I’m interacting with.” 

Kumar explained how the television is no more the 'idiot box;' and how it has become more intelligent and interactive. “There is no doubt when you are a doing national campaign and brand building, you have to bombard through television but how many people are receptive and how they are going to respond or embrace your brand is going to be a challenge. From tomorrow, February 1, everything will change with the new TRAI guidelines. More than 50 million smart TVs are going to be operational by 2020. When you talk about TV, there is no longer the concept of prime time. In the new world 'My Time' will be the new prime time, it will have nothing to do with time slots,” opined Kumar.

On the other hand, Sharma was firm on the belief that TV is a powerful medium and will remain powerful as you use it; the way marketers will use it will have to change. “Television will give the highest reach even if you want to build a scale brand. But the role of TV will change because other mediums are encroaching into the TV viewing habit, distracted TV viewing. Sole TV viewing is 40 per cent, rest is all family viewing. The reality is that we still have single TV households. Even the youth living in towns 3 and 4 are digitally savvy. The way we use TV will not primarily be the medium to put brand message where you spray and pray and then see if the task is done. There should be a message to create a need,” informed Sharma.

Continued Sharma, “TV has a halo effect on the impact of other media that is digital. An Accenture report says that the ROI of TV is highest followed by paid search, paid search gets positively affected by TV advertising. You can’t walk away from TV advertising. We have observed the branded searches go up dramatically. I don’t think you can build brands only through digital. Digital is a medium of paradoxes, it’s a low attention span medium. But it also happens that if the subject interests you then you get involved and share the video on social media. Television has to be used in conjunction with these mediums in a complementary fashion. And content is going to matter a lot. TV will continue to play a big role in driving brands in the minds of the people. Digital can complement the logical conclusion of closing the sales.”

Dubey exclaimed that no brand in FMCG can be built without TV. “Anything that can provide entertainment to people should be the screen to advertise on. Numbers are in favour of the broadcast medium. In digital, measurability is a big question, nobody shares data hence unless you experience it you cannot put money behind it. There is no model which can tell you the sufficient amount to invest, in TV we have an empirical data. So, in my opinion, I will continue to invest in TV but not ignore digital,” said Dubey.

Dang said, “Digital is the new shiny object. It is hugely overestimated, and yes it is changing the landscape. The core question is has TV's effectiveness gone down? Reach has not gone down, time on TV has gone up, and video content is going up whether you watch it on the idiot box or on mobile doesn’t matter. If you are looking at reach and frequency nothing substitutes TV. Despite digital growing, viewership share is 50 – 55 per cent on TV even now. In defence of TV, completion rates are 100 per cent, you watch an ad on the same parameters that you evaluate the other shiny object.”

He added, “At Ultratech we cannot teach TV consumers how to build their homes or give simple a checklist, that task we do through digital. But from a brand-building perspective TV's effectiveness has not gone down.”

Sharma says effectiveness in TV will have to get down to sharpen mechanisms or complement with other mediums to define effectiveness as ‘am I reaching my audience at that time when he is the in the cycle of thinking about my category or the product’, and that is going to be the name of the game. 

Kumar said, “OTT platform has come into play. In India the adoption process is slow, we have been brought up on TV. There is resistance to change. People don’t understand digital well. When I’m talking to a customer I want a grip on the data that I’m getting into, and that data is not available on TV. My expenses for digital space will increase. But you have to have an integrated market plan. TV needs to be supported by digital or else your TV plan will not work anymore. The data, money and the budget are going to shift for sure.” 

Mathur believes that if we have our consumer journeys really thought through then this automatically gets solved. “When it comes to driving awareness, driving wide persuasion TV will play a role but to drive advocacy TV can’t do anything; here Twitter and Instagram will work brilliantly for you. As marketers, it is important that we do our homework. The brand's role in a consumer’s life is not just watching a TV ad, he will engage with the brand at different levels, we clearly need to identify the objective at various points,” he explained.

Sharma said mapping the consumer journeys is imperative. “Consumers believe brands less and word of mouth and influencers more. So brands will have to use TV to do general awareness and brand building. But to get them to move from consideration to preference and purchase, you will have to use other mediums, notably digital, to drive influencer marketing. So when experts speak about your brand then people will believe your brand and that is one thing TV cannot do. As marketers as we go into the future, TV will remain the largest and powerful medium but the way we assign objectives to TV versus other media will have to be more granular only then can TV be made more effective,” he asserted. 

Khan pointed out that Amazon and Google had to come on TV to advertise and that says a lot about the strength of the medium so does that mean that TV helps you scale up?

Sharma said the fundamental question to ask is whom am I building it for and at what scale? “To achieve scale in India you need television. TV will be a curious mix of content and screen size. It will also become smart now that OTT is there. We as marketers will have to become smarter to see how we integrate our brand messages into OTT without being intrusive,” he explained.

Khan concluded the discussion by stating that both TV and digital are important, and if you want to achieve scale in the country television is the way to go.

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Dentsu-e4m Digital Advertising Report 2023 to be unveiled on February 2

The event will have a stellar line-up of insightful sessions by industry leaders on the theme ‘Creating Value In The Web3 Digital Economy’

By exchange4media Staff | Feb 1, 2023 7:45 AM   |   3 min read


The digital landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, helping companies to become more innovative, sustainable and resilient. The rapid internet penetration and adoption of digital media have opened various ways for interaction, creating huge opportunities to tap into the uncharted arena of digital space in newer ways. To highlight the significant trends in the digital domain, Dentsu and exchange4media Group have once again come together to launch the 7th Edition of the Dentsu-e4m Digital Advertising Report 2023. The report will be unveiled on February 2 at a glittering ceremony in Mumbai by Divya Karani, Media Chief Executive Officer, dentsu South Asia, Vinod Thadani, Chief Digital Growth Officer, dentsu Media & CEO iProspect, Abheek Biswas, AVP Consumer Insights, DENTSU CREATIVE India. The event is co-powered by Criteo, Bobble AI is the co-gold partner while Lemma is the lanyard partner.

Dentsu, one of the leading global media conglomerates in India, specialises in Media, Digital and Creative offerings. The unveiling of the report will be followed by insightful conversations where industry leaders will come together to discuss the opportunities and future of digital under the Theme ‘Creating Value In The Web3 Digital Economy’.
The conference will kickstart with a welcome address by Dr Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, BW Businessworld and Founder, exchange4media and Nawal Ahuja, Co-Founder, exchange4media following which the much-awaited Dentsu-e4m Digital Advertising Report 2023 will be unveiled. Divya Karani, Vinod Thadani and Abheek Biswas will share the key insights of the report and highlight the significant trends of 2022-23 and real-time facts and figures pertaining to the entire digital domain.

The event will showcase a stellar line-up of insightful sessions by speakers throughout the day. Rob Gilby, CEO, dentsu APAC, will deliver a keynote address on the topic- ‘Creating value in the Web3 digital Economy’. Following this, will be the first panel discussion on the topic ‘India digital stack for technology and creativity in the new digital economy’. The panellists are Gagan Singla, MD, blinkX by JM Financial, Prasad Pimple, Executive Vice President & Head of Digital Business Unit, Kotak Life, Medhavi Singh, Head of Enterprise - India, Criteo, Abhijit Shah, Head Marketing, Digital & Customer Experience, ICICI Prudential AMC. The session will be moderated by Rashmi Sethi, Chief Strategy Officer, Fractal Ink, a Merkle Company.

The next panel discussion will be on the topic ‘Customer expectations in new digital economy’ where panellists including Raunika Malhotra, President – Marketing and Corporate Communications, Lodha; Sachin Shukla, Head, Brand and Digital Media, ICICI Bank; and Shoorveer Shekhawat, Head of Marketing, Video Banking & TFx Initiatives, AU Small Finance Bank will throw light on the expectations of the Web3 consumer and the ways brands can meet them to create value in the new digital economy. The panel will be moderated by Anita Kotwani, CEO, Carat India.

Gulbahar Taurani, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, ISC, Philips Domestic Appliances, will deliver a keynote address on the topic ‘Unlocking the potential of Web3 decentralized economy for consumer marketing and commerce’. The insightful evening would conclude with the last panel discussion on the topic ‘Experiential creativity for the modern consumer’ where panellists including Manasi Narasimhan, VP and Head, Marketing & Communications, South Asia, Mastercard, Adrian Terron, Head of Corporate Brand and Marketing Strategy, Tata Group, Sunil Nat, Head - E-commerce & Digital Marketing, Galderma. The session will be moderated by Heeru Dingra, Chief Business Officer, DENTSU CREATIVE India.

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Enigmatic Smile appoints MS Dhoni as its India brand ambassador

Launches launch card-linked offers in India

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 31, 2023 4:15 PM   |   2 min read


Enigmatic Smile has onboarded former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador for India.

“Anyone who has ever launched a new product or service, especially when it involves strict compliance, security and safety standards, knows that cool headedness and high integrity are paramount. As Captain Cool, MS Dhoni embodies these two qualities, as well as those of loyalty and reliability. This is why we approached him to represent our brand in India. We are delighted to have him on board and look forward to a long and fruitful association,” said Bish Smeir, CEO, Enigmatic Smile.

MS Dhoni said, “I am delighted to represent Enigmatic Smile and as their exclusive brand ambassador for the rewards space in India. As they launch “India’s largest rewards economy,” Enigmatic Smile promises to improve the lives of millions of Indian people by helping them “Link their cards once. Collect rewards forever.”

That promise is a simple vow which resonates with me, and one I can stand behind. I wish Enigmatic Smile, all connected retailers, reward programmes, offer publishers and consumers every success as we launch this great, and rewarding project together.” He further added.

Commenting on the launch, Chandra Bhushan, India Country Head, said: “Pinelabs, Innoviti and NDTV have come on board with Enigmatic Smile, enabling all their connected retailers to benefit from the brand new card-linked solution, we look forward to many such associations benefiting the end consumer.”



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EssenceMediacom launched with 120 offices globally

The new agency by GroupM will be led by its Global CEO Nick Lawson

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 31, 2023 3:37 PM   |   3 min read

essence mediacom

EssenceMediacom – GroupM’s newest and largest agency – formally launches today with an ambition to deliver marketing breakthroughs for their clients. Disrupting the old models across media, creative, innovation and analytics, the agency has been built to find new opportunity for brands and deliver truly integrated media solutions.
Comprised of 10,000 people across 120 offices globally and led by Global CEO Nick Lawson, EssenceMediacom combines Essence’s performance, data, analytics and creative technology DNA with MediaCom’s scaled multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise. 

The agency launches with an enviable client roster, which includes global and local clients, and will be responsible for more than $21bn in global media billings (COMvergence, 2021).

EssenceMediacom is part of GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, giving it access to the richest data, most robust benchmarks and most advanced capabilities in the market fueled by the company’s cross-channel performance division GroupM Nexus and Choreograph, GroupM’s industry-leading data and technology services provider.  

In India, EssenceMediacom recently announced the leadership elevation of Navin Khemka as CEO, South Asia, and Sonali Malaviya as Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, South Asia. 

Navin Khemka, South Asia CEO of EssenceMediacom, said, “I am looking forward to this transformational role in leading the merged agency of Essence and MediaCom. India is one of the fastest-growing markets, and with the merger, I am confident that we will be able to future-proof our talent and offer unmatched services. Thanks to all our clients for their continued trust and partnership. Our clients can now look forward to the sophistication from EssenceMediacom that is required to succeed in the new era.” 

Prasanth Kumar, South Asia CEO of GroupM, said, “GroupM’s global merger of Essence and MediaCom has given us a fantastic opportunity to have the top 3 brands in India apart from Mindshare and Wavemaker. Essence and MediaCom together land with complementary skills, and set up an advantage for clients across data, technology, digital and media expertise. It is a wonderful moment for our people as this creates opportunities to work across some top-class brands. I wish EssenceMediacom a fantastic journey - I am sure that EssenceMediacom will continue to demonstrate some groundbreaking work for our clients.” 

Nick Lawson, EssenceMediacom’s Global CEO, said: “This process has been nine months in the making and I am so excited to see our ambition of bringing Essence and MediaCom together finally become a reality. What will underpin our groundbreaking agency is our people, and we will be steadfast in our commitment to provide an environment of continuous learning so they can grow and be the best they can be. Together, and with analytics, data and technology at our heart, I have no doubt we will deliver breakthroughs across our entire client base.” 

Christian Juhl, Global CEO, GroupM, said, “The fusion of Essence’s measurement and data-driven DNA with MediaCom’s scale and strategic expertise creates something truly unique in the marketplace. Alongside Mindshare, Wavemaker, and mSix&Partners, the launch of EssenceMediacom ensures we have the solutions and thinking to meet the needs of every brand and marketer seeking to grow their business in the new economy. I’m personally excited to see the way EssenceMediacom’s commitment to creating breakthroughs will change expectations for what’s possible in business, culture, and marketing and produce enormous value for our clients.”

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Ananya Panday collaborates with for Valentine's Day campaign

Panday stars in a social media campaign for the gifting brand

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 31, 2023 2:16 PM   |   2 min read

Ananya Panday

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday has collaborated with for their latest Valentine’s Day campaign. The actress represents today’s youth and was found to be the perfect fit for the campaign.

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A post shared by IGP (@igpcom)

The campaign was recently live on social media, the campaign will witness her looking pretty and glowing in love as she gets ready to look her best for a date with perhaps a special someone. She keeps her fans guessing as she gives a glimpse of the many Valentine's Day gifts she has at home, while dropping no names or hints about who she is giving or has received the gifts from. She walks to her living room Laden with flowers, hampers, chocolates, teddy and a cake. Ananya's eyes sparkle as she runs her fingers over the pretty flowers, picks up a beautiful heart-shaped chocolate, looks at a pretty red and white iced cake and then hugs a fluffy teddy bear. Then, sitting down, she addresses her fans by saying how ready she is for Valentine’s day with gifts from IGP. Ananya gushes about the gifting platform's collection of flowers, cakes, hampers and other gifting options as she flips out her phone to encourage fans to go on the IGP app and do the same and choose their perfect Valentine's gifts for their special someone. Finally, she makes a heart icon gesture cheerfully and wishes her fans a happy Valentine's Day before signing off.

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Hoopr launches music licensing plans for brands, digital platforms, production houses

This marks the platform’s entry into the B2B segment

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 31, 2023 11:35 AM   |   2 min read


Music licensing platform Hoopr has now launched plans for brands, production houses, agencies and digital platforms to license music. This marks Hoopr’s entry into the B2B segment after raising $1.5 million in seed funding and the subsequent acquisition of 65,000+ users across India since July 2022.

Giving further insights, Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder, Hoopr, said, "Businesses today are adopting the mindset of a creator and taking steps to put out content that is relevant to their target audience on a daily basis. Considering the growth of the internet and the increase in consumption of video, a large chunk of this content released by brands or on behalf of brands is in the form of videos. Against this backdrop, the need for copyright safe music that is cleared across multiple platforms has emerged as a strong need. At Hoopr, we’re not only addressing this exact need but are also offering a diverse collection of music that is very diverse and as a result a perfect fit with different use cases and geographic sensibilities across India. We’ve also priced the product in a way that ensures accessibility across the board – from start-ups to large businesses. Furthermore, we’re also offering custom solutions for enterprises such as digital media platforms and brands."

The clearance of Hoopr’s B2B licence covers platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podcasts, Tiktok, and other avenues such as radio, TV, OTT, etc. In addition to this, the business plans offered by Hoopr also allow for the usage of licensed music in live commerce and on influencer-led videos. With new channels of user acquisition such as these becoming ever more prevalent and providing tangible gains for brands across the board, it’s imperative to utilize the best available resources for such activities. This includes music where not only would an entity want music that is specifically curated for a particular use case or theme, but that which is also cleared for usage on such channels.

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StanPlus rebranded as RED.Health

The rebranding exercise extends to the brand's logo, website and social media channels

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 30, 2023 4:38 PM   |   4 min read


Medical emergency response platform StanPlus today announced four new business verticals to create, build and offer a holistic Emergency Care Network in the country. The company will build the new businesses under a new identity, RED.Health. The name change is rooted in the company’s commitment to strengthen India’s Emergency Medical System through Rapid Emergency Dispatch.

StanPlus, started in 2015, today has been synonymous with saving lives by providing state of the art Ambulances in just 8 minutes. The company built a multi-city network of 5000+ ambulances with top-of-the-line equipment for critical and non-critical care. Known as India's version of 911, the rebranding will further build on the narrative through a broader spectrum of services. Under the RED.Health umbrella, the company will offer four new business verticals inline with its mission to build India’s largest medical emergency response network. These include:

RED Ambulances: RED has redefined the emergency response system by providing ambulances in just 8 minutes. Expanding its ambulance portfolio, RED will now provide Road ambulances, Air ambulances (RED Air Guardian), Bereavement services (Asth), and Standby ambulances for corporates and events for citizens.
RED Assist: RED Assist has two segments, one for the hospital partners which includes Centralised Ambulance Management and Outsourcing (CAMO) and other for Corporate partners which includes doctor-on-call, an online consultation service that links patients with doctors in real time. A doctor can be consulted for a variety of health issues, from general medical questions to specific health concerns.
RED Priority Clinics: This vertical aims to connect rural India to the vital healthcare system and provide day-to-day health advisory. Red Clinics provides integrated facilities for consultation, diagnosis, preventive health checks and medicine delivery. RED Clinics will also integrate with Occupational Health Centers (OHCs) and Infirmary of Corporates, to give best-in-class 1st degree health care and patient preparation in case of emergency evacuation.
RED Academy: It is a dedicated vertical that provides emergency response training for the 'Golden Hour', and it aims to integrate trained paramedics into the healthcare infrastructure. This segment will also help enterprises and corporates to ensure the safety of their employees in case of medical emergencies, through employee training about critical actions during emergencies like giving CPR to a colleague on the office floor.

To expand its current offerings, the company is also establishing a technology center within, namely RED Edge, that will strengthen the existing technical support and work on new product development for all the new business verticals. Red Edge, with a vision to revolutionise India's emergency response system with AI and GPS Mapping, will be leveraged under Suhas Kulkarni’s leadership, CPTO, and Founding member, RED.Health

Highlighting the larger vision for the brand, Prabhdeep Singh, Founder and CEO, RED.Health, said, “India is making progress in addressing the over 500,000 emergency cases through timely interventions each year. Since the concept of EMS is fairly new, The biggest challenge for EMS has been infrastructure and manpower. With the launch of our new verticals, we are embarking on a new endeavour to build India’s largest emergency network. Our mission is to build this through partnerships and training to deliver expert care with speed, empathy and reliability. Our tech-led services are the solution in the time of crisis and as we transition into RED.Health, we are staying true to our mission of patient first approach of saving lives”

The rebranding coincides with the shift in the brand’s logo, website and social media channels with the campaign being visible across multiple communication touch points including digital, outdoor and social. In the process of rebranding, the company has also completely rebranded its ambulances and interiors/exteriors of the Clinics, along with our regional offices. Moreover to strengthen the new brand’s presence, the company also has rebranded the uniforms of its ground staff like drivers and paramedics.

RED.Health (formerly known as StanPlus) has raised $22.6Mn so far from investors like HealthQuad, Kalaari Capital and HealthX Capital Singapore amongst others. RED Ambulances has a partner fleet of 5000+ ambulances, 10+ air ambulances, partnership with 300+ hospitals, and a team of 1200+ medical care experts that is assisting 30L lives every year.

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Melorra shows why jewellery makes a great gift for men and women in Valentine's Day ad

The #PartnerInSuccess campaign advocates equality in love, effort, time and care in relationships

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 30, 2023 2:29 PM   |   2 min read


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and couples are looking for the best way to express their love and fondness for each other, and it’s often shown through gifts. For this season of love, Melorra , one of India’s fastest-growing D2C brands, is here with its new campaign, #PartnerInSuccess, run across social media platforms. The campaign advocates for equal efforts, love, time & care for partners in romantic relationships.

The idea behind #PartnerInSuccess is that gifting is not a one-way street; women can also express their love through thoughtful gifts for their partners. The campaign emphasises companionship and support in relationships. It seeks to debunk the idea that only men can gift jewellery to their partners. The underlying notion is that relationships have evolved, and so should gifting. This is reflected in Melorra’s video ad.

The ad features a couple supporting each other during challenging times. The video starts with the man, who always stands by his partner during her rough days, ensuring she achieves her goal of being selected for the soccer team. Later, the woman gifts him a ring to appreciate his commitment and trust. The campaign reflects the fact that standing for one another as a couple can go a long way in helping each other fulfil their dreams.

Speaking on the launch, Saroja Yeramilli, Founder & CEO, said, “Valentine’s Day has become just as big a celebratory event as birthdays and anniversaries, especially in terms of gifting. However, it’s often portrayed with only the woman on the receiving end. With our new digital campaign, #PartnerInSuccess, we want to push forward the idea that relationships are about mutual support and efforts, and gifting is not a one-way street. Women can show their appreciation towards their partners through gifts too! Therefore, all customers can choose from our extensive collections that start at the most affordable pricing.”

With 16,000+ designs for Her, Melorra has one of the largest collections of affordable fine jewellery designs that are perfect for gifting.  Melorra has also recently launched men’s collection. This campaign primarily targets men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 and offers jewellery starting at INR 3000. The brand delivers its products in 26,000+ pin codes across India, making its mark throughout, including in villages with less than 10,000 to cities above 1 million.

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