Voltas has the highest brand equity in cooling and comfort appliances: Pradeep Bakshi, President & COO Voltas

Voltas Limited, India’s air conditioner brand from the house of Tatas, reinstated its position in the market by introducing the new “Voltas All Star ACs” on March 15 in New Delhi

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Published: Mar 16, 2016 7:59 AM  | 4 min read
Voltas has the highest brand equity in cooling and comfort appliances: Pradeep Bakshi, President & COO Voltas

With the onset of summer, Voltas Limited launched its new range of Air Conditioners and Air Coolers in New Delhi, on March 15. Aimed at the GenNext, the new Voltas All Star AC range carries the core value proposition of “Run 2 ACs at the cost of 1 AC.” 

This is based on its unique ‘Steady Cool’ compressor, which runs on a ‘two stage inverter’ technology. This technology provides considerable power savings when compared to an ordinary compressor.

On being asked what all Voltas is looking at to keep up with the competition as more and more tech giants are entering into the consumer electronics industry, Pradeep Bakshi, President and COO (UPBG and M&CED), Voltas Limited, said, “Voltas has the highest brand equity in cooling and comfort appliances, and leads the market in ACs. Consumers have developed a preference for energy efficient ACs (like Inverter ACs), which are now the fastest growing category in the AC industry. With the launch of our unique Voltas “All Star AC” range, we aim to better our value proposition for our consumers by leveraging our unique “steady cool compressor” which leads to uniform cooling and hence gives more savings to consumers. This new range of ACs showcases our capability to convert consumer insights into real-time technologically superior products.”

With the growth of internet users and India becoming the second largest market of smartphone users, the demand for “smart technology” is also increasing where one can control their appliances through the internet enabled devices and apps supported by iOS and android on their smartphones.

Bakshi informed us about the “Smart ACs” that have been launched by Voltas and about their features. He said, “ Last year we had launched an application whereby you were able to control your AC operations from the remotest of areas, however this year we have included the following features too: Smart Access: These are Wi-Fi enabled ACs, can operate from anywhere and anytime through any smart phone using local WiFi or GPRS connection, Smart Sense: It senses the outside weather conditions and adapts to the changing environment without any manual intervention and Smart Analytics: Which keeps a tab on the energy usage & consumption trends. In addition, it has also revamped the look and feel of the new Smart AC mobile app.”

When asked about how Voltas plans to communicate with the customers about this new range of products, Deba Ghoshal, Head Marketing, Voltas, said, “When we speak to the customers in the market and get their insights we realise that they are very conscious about saving electricity, and owing to that, they sometimes tend to compromise personal space, for instance, to save electricity bill everyone in the family sleeps in one room with only one air conditioner switched on. However, with the new generation this is not applicable as they value their personal space and switch on all the ACs in the house and that is where we come in with the promise that ‘don’t compromise on whoever you are, you can run 2 ACs at the same time and at the same cost.”

He further added about their digital initiatives and said, “Voltas has always peaked its digital initiatives before the summers set in, particularly on the paid and owned media front. This year we will also look at SEO initiatives, consistently throughout the year. And our ORM initiatives will also continue across the year. Hence we strategize our digital initiatives as per business objectives and seasonality. As a brand, while television as a medium drives top of mind, digital drives engagement. And just to put the above in perspective, Voltas has the highest top of mind, and unaided awareness in the AC category, and we are also the highest searched brand in this category.”

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