Playschool category sees indexed growth of 862% in ad-insertions on Digital: TAM AdEx

TAM AdEx India Q1 2019 report: In e-commerce category, Travel and Tourism saw 327% indexed growth

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Updated: May 9, 2019 8:39 AM

TAM AdEx India has released the data for the most number of ad volumes on Television and Radio along with Ad Space numbers for Print and Ad Insertion counts for Digital. 

In terms of the highest ad volumes on Television, the toilet soap category continues to be on top for TV in the Q1 2019 report. It was the number 1 category to advertise on Television in the first quarter of 2018 as well. The growth is indexed at 46 per cent for this space. 

Given the fact that it is the election year, the second spot has been retained by social advertisements/Government with an indexed growth of 5 per cent. Toilet/floor cleaners have climbed up to the third position with an indexed growth of 15 per cent followed by Shampoos and Toothpaste which saw 5 per cent growth each. 

In Print, although Hospital/Clinics are still on top as was the case in the first quarter of 2018, it has seen a decline of 9 per cent in terms of indexed growth. Instead, Social advertisements not only retained its second spot in Print but managed to see a 22 per cent indexed growth as well. It was followed by a range of OTC products, coaching/competitive exam centres and auto-cars in the third, fourth and fifth spots. Social advertisements saw the maximum indexed growth of 22 per cent in this medium. Apart from auto-cars, all these categories saw a drop in ad volumes vis-à-vis the first quarter of 2018. Auto-cars saw a rise in ad space by 5 per cent.

In Radio, perhaps due to elections, Social advertisements have been ranked the highest as was evident in the first quarter of 2018. But the indexed growth declined by 12 per cent in comparison. In fact, apart from auto-cars, every category on the list has seen a drop. Properties and Real Estate went down 13 per cent, Pan Masala/Zarda/Gutka saw a drop of 7 per cent and retail outlets (Clothing/Textiles/Fashion) dwindled by 2 per cent. 

But all these numbers are nothing compared to the massive reshuffle that the digital medium has seen in terms of ad insertions. In the e-commerce category, Travel and Tourism saw 327 per cent indexed growth while play schools saw a massive 862 per cent indexed growth. Evidently, their position on the list of Top 5 categories to invest in Digital ad-insertions has gone up several notches. Travel Tourism moved from 14th place to number 2 while Playschools shot up to Number 5 from 55, when compared to Q1 2018 report.

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