Mobile Premier League ups marketing investments for IPL 2021

Abhishek Madhavan, SVP, Growth and Marketing at MPL, said that the gaming platform plans to take its user base beyond 10 crore from the current 7 crore+

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Updated: Mar 17, 2021 8:03 AM

Bengaluru-based, Galactus Funware Technology-owned online gaming platform Mobile Premier League (MPL) has upped its marketing investments for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. Leveraging the reach of IPL, MPL intends to increase its user base beyond 10 crore from the current 7 crore+.
"Our IPL-related brand investments make up a significant chunk of the overall budget. We do not have the exact numbers to share at the moment but our investment in IPL-related campaigns this year is significantly more than our IPL-related budget last year," said MPL SVP, Growth and Marketing Abhishek Madhavan.

For IPL, MPL will use TV and digital to reach out to its users. "Yes, we are planning to have our ads run on TV during IPL. Apart from this, we are also going to run our campaigns on YouTube for our digital audiences as well as use other channels to amplify them."

Speaking about the growth expectations from IPL 2021, Madhavan added, "With this IPL, we intend to take our user base beyond 10 crore in the country from the current 7 crore+."

Madhavan also stated that IPL is one of the largest events for MPL besides being one of the most exciting times for sports fans and gamers. He also listed some interesting features lined up for users and gamers on the platform.

"For Fantasy, we have a host of grand contests and mega contests with attractive prizes. Apart from this, we have sign-up bonuses and referral rewards, along with special tournaments and contests for all games on MPL. New users will also get cash on signing up on the platform," he noted.

Queried about the role played by IPL in popularising the growth of fantasy sports in the country, Madhavan said that property's massive reach has allowed mobile gaming and esports companies to establish their brands among consumers.

"The IPL is easily the biggest and most anticipated sports tournament in the country. Ever since mobile gaming and esports started to develop, we have seen companies operating in the space leverage the IPL’s massive reach to promote their brand. For new companies, branding and marketing activities during the IPL helps cut through the clutter and get them established. With so much visibility for gaming and esports companies thanks to the IPL, some of us are recognised across the country," Madhavan averred.

He also said that cricket + gaming make a perfect combination. "Further, IPL celebrates sports and it’s the perfect vehicle to hitch esports to, as even esports requires skill, talent, and practise, and at MPL we try to do our bit by recognising heroes and achievers from the world of esports. We look forward to this IPL as well, to grow our brand awareness and presence."

Unlike pure-play fantasy gaming apps, MPL is an all-season platform and hence its brand marketing initiatives run throughout the year and not just the IPL. "That being said, this year, we are focusing on a campaign where our core USPs are communicated in a lucid, creative manner to our audience. This has worked very well for us in the past editions of the IPL- 2019 and 2020- and we will release special campaigns made for the IPL along with a sound surround plan," Madhavan stated.

Talking about the trends in IPL and gaming, Madhavan said that many young start-ups are sponsoring IPL as well as IPL teams. He also noted that many celebrities have started endorsing online gaming and esports brands.

"We saw a lot of young startups sponsor the IPL 2020 and partner with teams, and we can expect to see more of the same. Further, we saw a lot of celebrities endorse brands in the online gaming and eSports space and we expect that to continue too, as it is a sunrise sector industry. What was noticed in advertising last year was that a lot of ads and campaigns took a crisper, tactical approach and shortened their creatives. This might continue with the upcoming and future IPL editions too," Madhavan expounded.

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