Agencies go social to tap fresh talent

From using Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter, organisations are using social media platforms to find new talent and the reason is simple – that is where the youth today resides

e4m by Sarmistha Neogy
Updated: May 13, 2016 8:33 AM
Agencies go social to tap fresh talent

When the MTV-LinkedIn initiative #GetAJob witnessed an overwhelming response for its second season, one thing was certain – agencies and brands have now found a new platform to hire fresh talent cashing on the rage of social media networking.

Recently, digital agency WATConsult devised an innovative way to recruit through Snapchat. Its plan of action required candidates to upload a 10-second video on Snapchat about their passion and work on brands of their interest.

Last month, SapientNitro launched their campaign ‘Troublemakers’ – a hunt for rare breed of extraordinary minds that are not afraid to break boundaries in digital innovation. Earlier this year, MTV-LinkedIn came with the second season of #GetAJob, a program to select candidates who can win summer internship with 12 of India’s top reputed companies.

From using Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter, organisations are using social media platforms to find new talent and the reason is simple – that is where the youth today resides.


The aim

Rationalising the recruitment drive through Snapchat, Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO, WATConsult said, “We are a social media friendly agency, 80% of our office colleagues are on Snapchat. In fact our HR team came up with this idea of hiring through Snapchat, it sounded exciting to us and we worked on it. The idea of this exercise is to promote internal engagement and hashtags like #BeAWatizen, #WatConsult created a lot of social branding and promotion for the agency. Our current strength is of 240 people and we plan to be 300 by the end of this year. And finally, the intention is to find some real gem through this exercise.”

Meanwhile, SapientNitro’s TroubleMaker campaign, which will run for two months,has created a microsite, which defines what a 'troublemaker' is and invites people to take a quiz to find out if they are the 'misfits' who would fit in with the agency's requirements. The aim of this drive is to increase the headcount by 20% by the end of this year.

“The Troublemakers campaign is our way of attracting the kind of people who can fuse creativity and technology, along with an understanding of brands and consumers to solve business problems. Such people are important for the success of our clients, as well as our business," highlighted Rajdeep Endow, Managing Director, Sapient India.

How effective is it?

Talking about the effectiveness of the MTV-LinkedIn 'Get A Job' platform, an MTV spokesperson said, “We’ve managed to grab the attention of the youth on platforms that are native to their day to day usage. We’ve used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to engage users and driven them to build value to their professional journey on LinkedIn. This was the best way to deliver great value to job seekers.”

Last year, the MTV-LinkedIn initiative got 1, 00,000 applications, whereas for this season, it is over 2, 00,000. Plus there has been a 120% increase in social interactions for the project.

According to KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro, “99% of the skilled and educated workforce is on the Internet, there is actually no point in using print, radio or other mediums to attract good talent today. The online platform allows the recruiter to talk to their target audience in a personal and discreet manner.” In 2015, the agency had launched a campaign for Grants whiskey 'Awesome Job you can't apply for' to find a brand ambassador or ‘brand manger’ for the company. Since the brand was just entering India, it was a great way to connect with the youth and the initiative brought closer the role of social media in the job hunting process.

BangInTheMiddle, the agency which completed their four years of operation recently, has been using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to recruit talent right from the start. The agency infuses fun and quirkiness to their job post, which help them to get a lot of positive traction on social media.

Below are some excerpts of the job posts from BangInTheMiddle:

Prathap Suthan, Managing Partner & Chief Creative Officer, BangInTheMiddle, said, “We receive tremendous response to all our job posts, but the only problem is, sometimes people find it difficult to understand where we are located and the opening is for Delhi. But as an agency, social media forms an important part of our everyday functioning. In fact, we were the first ones, to start our attendance sheet on Twitter- employees had to click a selfie and use the hashtag #PresentSir and upload it on Twitter.”

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