The move is aimed at supporting Indian language news publishers

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Publishers in India have long been urging Google to come up with an egalitarian revenue share model

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Google, VP-Product Management, News, Bender said in a blog post that the panels give news publishers more control of their presentation & branding, helping them be more visible to their readers

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The Google News Initiative has been created in partnership with global innovation lab Echos and DIGIPUB News India Foundation

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While publishers continue to enjoy the reach of the Google News, experts are yet to gauge the future of how new publishers and advertisers will deal with each other

Tasmayee Laha Roy Jun 15, 2021 9:18 AM


However, Javadekar did not say anything on whether the Indian government is planning to bring legislation in India similar to what the Australian government did

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Some of News Corp's publications that joined Google News Showcase include The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Sky News, NYP and The Sun

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The tech behemoth said on Thursday that it has signed agreements for news partnership programmes with 200 publishers in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, UK and Australia

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Experts feel communicators come armed with the best mix of skills to assess, assimilate & amplify messages coming from business and function heads to help curb fake news

Nafisa Shaheen Apr 24, 2020 9:22 AM


The funding support is part of’s broader, $10 million commitment to media literacy, in collaboration with the Google News Initiative

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The Local News Sharing Network will involve two dozen local publishers in New York state

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The study has revealed that Google makes money through content from more than 2000 newspapers and websites across the US; content that Google itself does not create

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The Initiative will offer training on online verification and fact-checking, journalist digital safety and security, YouTube for elections coverage and data visualization for elections

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As part of the launch of Google News Initiative in March, YouTube committed $25 million funding to support the future of news

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The initiative offers up to $300,000 to selected projects which aim to increase revenue from readers

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The aim is to raise awareness and share new tools to fight fake news

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The all new Google News will be available to everyone on Android, iOS, and the web in 127 countries by next week.

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