"Visibility, contextual targeting, impactful creatives keys to great OOH campaigns"

What makes an OOH campaign great? Is it the location? Or some unique & out-of-the-box idea? Or is the execution & how it connects with the audience? Marketing experts reveal

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Updated: Mar 4, 2014 7:57 AM
"Visibility, contextual targeting, impactful creatives keys to great OOH campaigns"

The outdoor segment is an old warhorse of the marketing and advertising field. Even as client expectations and consumer preferences are changing, many have called into question the OOH medium’s relevance in today’s times. However, as the OOH industry reinvents itself to keep up with the times, a number of interesting avenues have opened up that can lead to a great OOH campaign.

To find out what are the essential ingredients that constitute a great OOH campaign, exchange4media spoke to some eminent marketers, who are also part of the Jury panel for exchange4media’s upcoming OOH Conference and Awards, to get their perspective.

According to Sanjay Chitkara, Head - Marketing, LG India, a campaign can be called successful only when it has a quantifiable and positive impact on the business. “I would like to see lot of technology integration into outdoor. Outdoor should be leveraged beyond awareness creation and preference building,” he added.

On the other hand, Sudeep Narayan, Marketing & PR Director, Volvo Auto India felt that like all great campaigns, OOH campaigns that are an extension of the brand DNA but, at the same time, utilise creatives that generate a retention value to the viewer will always be successful. “Understanding the OOH medium is of utmost importance from a client’s perspective. Advertisers tend to expect a lot of copy/ product details in a medium where the usual attention duration is about seven seconds,” he noted.

“The key thing for OOH campaigns is to drive engagement,” opined Satinder Juneja, VP - Sales & Marketing, NIIT. He further said that OOH agencies and brands need to start thinking about how the creatives would be adapted across the various form factors available in outdoor. Citing the example of Google Translate, he said, “When you copy-paste a sentence in it (Google Translate), it gives you the translation, but that is not always the most accurate. Sometimes, the nuances are missed. Similarly, in OOH advertising, one must ensure that the nuances of the message are not lost, even if the creatives are used in different sizes and shapes.” He also added that new innovations by advertisers and agencies, such as leveraging new features, shapes and cut-outs and creative messaging by advertisers and agencies will also keep things fresh in the medium.

Archana Aggarwal, VP - Media, Airtel believes that it all starts from a clear and actionable media brief, pretty much like it works in TV and print. According to her, the ingredients might vary with the campaign, but three things that usually work are high visibility, contextual targeting and impactful creatives.

Amitesh Rao, Director - Brand & Media, MTS also agrees that the brief should be crystal clear and sharp. Giving his opinion on OOH campaigns that are more tactical in nature, he said that they should be disruptive and should have ‘call-to-action’ value to it. “In outdoor advertising, there is a very high premium on real estate and you just have a fraction of a second to notice it,” he explained, adding that he would like to see integration of technology in OOH, in terms of both measurement and creatives.

(The third edition of exchange4media’s OOH Conference and Awards 2014 will be held on March 20 at The Pullman Central, Gurgaon. Click here [http://www.exchange4media.com/ooh2014/index.aspx] for more details.)

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