Programmatic and DOOH will lead growth in 2020: Gautam Bhirani, Eyetalk

The MD of Eyetalk Media Ventures, Bhirani shares insights on digitisation, the shift in the OOH media landscape and his predictions for 2020

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Published: Jan 6, 2020 8:38 AM  | 4 min read
Gautam Bhirani

In a cluttered Out-of-home market, Eyetalk Media Ventures has been offering disruption by leveraging the power of the digital medium. And they have already engaged some of the most sought-after advertising brands, including Netflix, Vivo, Amazon, Bumble, Vodafone, WROGN, Citibank, etc. To share insights on digitisation, the shift in the OOH media landscape and his predictions for OOH in 2020, Gautam Bhirani, Managing Director Eyetalk, joins exchange4media in an exclusive talk.

He explains why Eyetalk stands for technology and innovation: "We’ve been bringing the power of content, mobile, digital signage and internet as front runners in the modern media landscape. We provide modern consumer engagement platforms to key urban ecosystems with a content-first approach that truly connect the digitally driven-socially connected urban Indian audiences." 

Out-of-home (OOH) is one of the oldest advertising mediums and lately, digitisation has taken the industry by storm. The Digital OOH or DOOH industry in India is booming, and according to Bhirani, the mindset of brands towards DOOH has been changing over a period of time.

Explaining how the shift in media takes place, Bhirani tells us: “Everyone talks about how consumer media consumption habits are changing, and how our attention span is reducing. But how do we change media ecosystems? Only when there is infrastructure, which can cater to a mass audience. At Eyetalk, the scale of our network-brought media uniformity enables brands to connect with the same audience through the same channel across the country at just a click of a button, all thanks to our optimised content delivery and performance measurability. That’s not all; we have been able to co-create non-intrusive, award-winning campaigns that reach millions of urban millennials. “

The company, with around 1200 plus displays in 7 metro cities and over 6 lakh daily ad impressions reaching an unparalleled 2 million urban Indians daily, has grown 3X in terms of network and revenues in a short span.

When asked about the driving factors for OOH industry in India for 2020, he said, “DOOH will be the key growth driver for Outdoor. Forty per cent of OOH budgets are likely to be parked in DOOH in 2020. The growth will also happen through programmatic. And these two will be the key growth drivers. Global Agencies will drive this growth .”

During the conversation, Bhirani also shed light on Programmatic OOH, which is at a nascent stage in India currently due to lack of clarity and infrastructure. But lately, there has been a major shift with digital marketers embracing the power of DOOH with programmatic. We have successfully executed over 15 PDOOH campaigns in the last quarter of 2019 with multiple partners including the 1st Live video programmatic campaign where the content was streamed via Google DV360 during peak hours. 

“This shift where DOOH networks turn into publishers and become more integrated with digital buys opens new sources of revenue for companies like us. There's a saying: “If you're going to make money while sleeping, that is the best business.” When buying and delivery both are automated without manual intervention, life is good. So, I think, in the next one or two years, we should reap the fruits of the hard work we've been putting in. And DOOH is likely to grow by 35 to 40 per cent year on year. But that growth will only happen through programmatic,” he adds.

Bhirani further tells us that at Eyetalk Media Ventures, along with over a 1,000 displays, has invested heavily in technology that drives their content-first platforms.

“We wanted to make heads turn. The whole idea was to grab attention. A lot of money was spent along with human resource, technology, content design. We integrate content according to the audience location.”

Citing an example, Bhirani told us, “Last Valentine's Day, with VIVO we did TagTalk, where we had user-generated and blogger content with people proposing on our screens.  So there's an emotional connect we built. Similarly, in a business hub, we do live stocks, mutual funds, market analysis, business and technology news, which is streamed, every minute, 12 hours a day. We also do forex, flight Information Systems and startup news as well. That is our primary content tailored to the location and the audience. ”

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