OOH has the capability of driving online activity: COO, Laqshya Solutions

Amarjeet Singh Hudda on what ails the OOH industry in India and the medium adopting digital slowly but surely

by Dolly Mahayan
Published - Oct 16, 2018 7:47 AM Updated: Oct 16, 2018 7:47 AM

"DOOH is growing in double digits in other developed countries but, in India it’s still at a very nascent stage," says Amarjeet Singh Hudda- COO, Laqshya Solutions, an outdoor agency arm of Laqshya Media Group. According to him, OOH has never demanded a larger pie of the overall advertising chunk primarily because of the inadequacy of audience measurement tools in the industry.
In a chat with exchange4media, Hudda spoke about how audience measurement tool increases the accountability of an agency towards a brand, challenges and if the digital medium could be a threat to OOH in the long run. Edited Excerpts:

What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of audience measurement tools and the way in which it is increasing the accountability of an agency towards brands?

Over the years, OOH has never got a larger pie of the advertising chunk primarily because of the lack of audience measurement in this industry. Agencies with in-house tools now are in a better position to offer OOH media solutions and reach advertisers. The measurement tool addresses the brand’s 
objective of reaching out to their desired TG with minimum wastage. They are also equipped to offer them the efficacy of the plan in terms of eye-balls met. 

Do you see OOH increasing its share of the total advertise pie in the coming year? How is Laqshya leading the OOH industry?

Yes. We are hopeful of the change. Research backed strategic plans offered by specialist agencies have given advertisers the confidence on the ROI front which had always been a concern for marketers. Laqshya has been offering such research based scientific plans to our existing clients. Timely monitoring of campaigns and updates to the clients along with regular maintenance of our own media assets are all adding to factors differentiating us from the rest.

What are your views on digital OOH? Do you think it will make OOH advertising more engaging?
DOOH is growing in double digits in other developed countries but in India it's still is in a very nascent stage. Digital Outdoors with content -first approach engages viewers better as compared to a Static Billboard. Having said that, Digital OOH is definitely the growth driver for outdoor. Ambient spaces like airports and malls have been experimenting with DOOH successfully and the results are great.

 What particular challenges is the OOH industry facing and what needs to be done to transform the landscape?
Unlike online ads, Digital OOH does not cause inconvenience to consumers. In fact, a very good creative can be a visual treat for them; with the use of technology it can create innovations to further amplify a brand’s communication. Customizing and changing the content to target TG comes in handy with DOOH and, an advertiser can pick their slots as per their budgets wherever possible. DOOH campaigns are far more compelling than a static billboard. Globally, a lot of Innovation using technology such as facial recognition etc has been harnessed to make DOOH far more engaging.

Could the Digital medium be a threat to OOH in the long term?
Digital Medium isn’t a threat to the OOH Industry. And, OOH has the capability of driving online activity. OOH coupled with online works well for brands. This has been proved according to a Nielsen study done globally too. Digital is definitely the future, but in a country like ours, it still needs time. A fragmented industry like ours cannot shift to Digital so soon. The change will happen gradually. But, a lot of marketers seeing the value it brings to their brands, will vouch for it and, this 
demand could soon prove to be a game changer.

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