In 2020, creative will be contextually driven by DOOH: Fabian Cowan, Posterscope India

Fabian Cowan, Director of Posterscope India, shares his outlook for 2020 and lists key points that will drive the OOH industry forward

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Updated: Jan 13, 2020 9:04 AM


Fabian Cowan

The OOH industry last year was predicted to grow at a high rate. OOH, players were extremely bullish due to major events like the General Elections, Lok Sabha elections, IPL and the ICC World Cup. However, many Industries like the Real Estate and Automobile Industry was going through an economic downfall. This led to fewer sectors investing in OOH advertisements.

Apart from that, the other challenge was permissions that can enhance the DOOH space through large-format billboards especially at traffic signal junctions were denied by authorities.

Only when the issue of DOOH is solved and the policies are eased, programmatic DOOH will kickstart in India. But the Industry players are hopefull for this upcoming year. Sharing his views on the Outlook for Posterscope India for the year 2020, Fabian Cowan, Director, Posterscope India remarked, “Posterscope has historically outgrown market projections and expectations and this year will be no different. This is primarily because our focus has never been restricted to just outdoor as a medium but has been driven by the tremendous opportunities in the out-of-home ecosystem as a whole and our leadership position in almost all aspects of this ecosystem insulates us in many ways from the market conditions.”

“(1). Diversification of datasets and its interpretation/application will supercharge planning in OOH, (2) Programmatic DOOH will continue its evolution at pace, (3) Cross-discipline tech partnerships will change what’s possible in the OOH industry for the better, (4) Building better experiences and inspirational work will improve effectiveness and lastly, (5) Automated platforms will drive efficiencies and creative will be more contextual driven by DOOH”, are the five trends that will enhance the OOH Industry as stated by Cowan.

When asked about 5G coming into the picture this year and if that sector will spend more on OOH, Cowan shared, “Most certainly, The new era of connectivity will open a realm of possibilities in OOH not only for a particular sector but it will also open up better interactivity and experiential opportunities for other sectors as well.”

There are many smart city projects coming into play in Mumbai, which provide more infrastructure and inventory for the OOH medium. Cowan, talking about how these smart city projects will amplify the growth of OOH commented, “Smart cities will need to communicate with its citizenry and these will primarily happen through connected platforms in the OOH space thereby growing the ecosystem as a whole."

Lastly, Cowan revealed whether mobile and DOOH advertising be integrated going forward. “With better connectivity, increasing DOOH infrastructure and the need for focused targeting, this integration is a given”, concluded Cowan.

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