e4m NEONS OOH Conference: We need to work along with tech partners to grow: Haresh Nayak

Haresh Nayak, MD, Posterscope India, spoke in depth about creating a balance between digital & traditional OOH, and other aspects

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Updated: Mar 14, 2020 10:27 AM
Haresh Nayak

On Day 2 of the exchange4media NEONS OOH Conference, Haresh Nayak, Managing Director, Posterscope India, shared valuable insights on ‘OOH ROI and optimization in the media mix’.

Nayak started off the session by sharing his thoughts on digital and traditional OOH. In the Digital Out Of Home medium, he said there should be a right balance with the traditional as the latter contributes to 95% of their spends in India.

“Obviously, digital is going to grow and the initiatives that agencies and industry are taking in that direction are also relevant and important. As we evolve, there are going to be new rules for the new world to bring in ROI and optimisation. Today, a lot of people think that in case of traditional Out Of Home ROI optimisation cannot be brought to and the client usually asks that ‘if they get XYZ ROI in digital why can’t they get it in OOH’.”

He further explained in the session how all of this was possible in the traditional OOH space as well.

“As clients, as media partners and as agencies our role is to help connect brands with the audiences and the journey has always been twisted and there will always be a change. There will be complexities and challenges as we go by but our role will remain the same to ensure that ultimately the end customer is using the brand and this brings us to the point that change is inevitable and constant,” shared Nayak.  

He further spoke about the initiative Posterscope took in 2016 where they looked at the overall proposition and what change it brought up. “There was the time when after a brand launch the consumer would go out and consume the brand. Today it’s a consumer-led world, there is a consumer need and brands are making products to fulfil their needs and hence it has to be customer centric.”

Today right from the clients to everyone wants ads which are not demographic-based but rather want to reach out individuals.  They want personalised ads for each consumers. “Our ecosystem is getting complex with so many news channels and print media going down. There are so many publishers in the digital ecosystem, within Out Of Home. There are so many challenges and ultimately as an OOH specialist our role is to create connected consumers.”

“About a decade back our role was to ensure that we share an optimised plan. If you look at our scenario in India the power of street is actually increasing. There has been 200% increase in travel time since 2011 and four things have become very critical - people are spending more time in and out of home space; there are places with new infrastructure and flyovers; location has assumed importance and relevance is coming into place.”

Speaking of the biggest benefit of OOH, Nayak said that unlike digital or television where there’s a remote, OOH does not have the ‘skip ad’ option. This is its biggest benefit and we need to see if we can use this better. “We can bring lot of efficiency and accuracy. We can bring location intelligence in the traditional media form.”

We changed Posterscope in 2016, we don’t want to be called as outdoor advertising company or a hoarding company. We changed ourselves as location-based marketing specialist and that was a very unique position because that challenged us to new avenues. Today, we are able to bring lot of location analytics, deep human understanding, cross media integration, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The future of audience is going to be diverse, it’s going to be intelligent and more data driven. Data is going to drive the business.”

While concluding the session, Nayak said: “I think in the traditional and Digital Out Of Home space there is lot of data and we need to work along with technology partners who help our medium grow.”

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