Brands and their Binod moment: Playing the social media game right

Brand experts share how the 'Binod' trend has become viral and how brands are using this to amplify the messaging of their products or services

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Updated: Aug 12, 2020 2:09 PM
Binod Moment Marketing

The last few days saw an uprising of the word ‘Binod’ on social media. An incognito man no one knows about is garnering curiosity amongst netizens. It didn’t matter who Binod was, brands seeing this trend of commenting ‘Binod’ as a perfect opportunity to latch on to.
The Internet is a bizarre ecosystem with an array of memes trending. Some noteworthy moment marketing meme trends that are surfacing online are on the new Netflix series Indian Matchmaking and the 2020 Meme Calendar. While most of them have some context, Binod was led by curiosity on finding out who he is. The word ‘Binod’ became a viral trend on twitter with a plethora of brands showcasing their creative captions to promote their respective brand or service.
It’s potent for brands to try distinctive ways of communicating with their consumers through moment marketing. Moment marketing trends allow brands to portray a new prospect to make their brands go viral online.
How did this all begin? The comment Binod first gained spotlight in the comments section of a YouTube video by Slay Point on weird comments Youtube creators get. A viewer named Binod Tharu had just commented his first name Binod. This was highlighted in the video.

After the release of this video, the Internet was all of a sudden intrigued with the word Binod. Anywhere you went online you couldn’t escape memes on it. The interesting factor was that the video was uploaded on the 15th of July 2020 and it took three weeks to become a huge viral interest. From brands to police accounts on Twitter, everyone got involved. In addition to this, with the persuasion of a comment, the brand Paytm went ahead and even changed its name to Binod on Twitter.


— Paytm (@Paytm) August 7, 2020

e4m spoke to ad industry experts about their insights on this moment marketing strategy and how brands can profit from the same.

Rajni Daswani, Director - Brand Experience & Employee Engagement, SoCheers, remarked, the internet works in strange ways. "Some day ‘everything is cake’ is trending and another day its ‘Binod’. If you miss one day of knowing what happened, you tend to miss the trend altogether. What started from a random Binod Tharu commenting his first name on videos of YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point’ & a few other channels, the creators of Slay Point put out a video titled ‘Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)’ where they put more emphasis on this topic. Since then, the underground meme network has picked up the word and started commenting ‘Binod’ everywhere. If you are or know someone who is in this underground meme network, this Binod comment has been picking up since the last week and only hit mainstream handles in the latter part of the week. Moment marketing pro handles like Prime Video, Netflix, PayTM, Mumbai Police to name a few were quick to pick up this trend and embrace it to find a personal connection with the users who are commenting ‘Binod’ on the internet. It’s a great way to connect with your users at the moment and cash in on the momentum. It engages people who are going gaga over the trend and puts your brand on the coolness level.”

Daswani, however, feels that for slightly serious brands, it does not help to jump on the bandwagon since it does not build a ‘brand’ in the long term.

Agam Chaudhary, CMO, Digitalabs (A division of Laqshya media group), says, "This is one of the best moment marketings I have seen in the last few years. The 'Binod' trend shows how smartly brands are leveraging a current trend which started as a mere word but went ahead up to the next level of creative execution. The best example is how content creators are creating content out of it. So, it indeed sets a benchmark for creating content out of nothing sans any excuses while tickling your funny bone. Examples of brands and content creators I loved are Tinder, Netflix, and Dolly Singh (Content Creator).”

Raghu Bhat, Founder Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi shared, "Binod is proof that nobody can predict what will go viral. Binod is attracting the kind of attention money can’t buy. The question each brand must be asking is - What does Binod have which my campaign doesn’t? While there is no surefire formula, a good starting is to acknowledge there is no formula. If earned media is the objective, brands have to create their own Binod’s instead of riding on a trend. It’s a timely reminder about the importance of being totally original."

Sameer Makani, Managing Director, and Co-Founder, Makani Creatives, sharing his perspective on the marketing trend, said, “Today, brands are trying to become a part of popular culture, and moment marketing has helped these brands in doing so. Digital advertising has progressed exponentially in the past few months owing to the lockdown and it has proved to be one of the best ways to reach out to the new-age audience. Such techniques help brands in building a community for a wider recall and better engagement ratio. It is not about product advertisements anymore that interrupts and showcases but rather an attention-oriented approach that is helping brands to talk to their audience and position their product very subtly. For instance, Netflix leveraged its show ‘ The Indian Matchmaking’ and created a moment that was further leveraged by many brands and now the YouTube trend Binod is leveraged in a way that it links the audience back to what types of shows Netflix has. Similarly, Amazon Prime has also created memes out of the word Binod by using it for the movie dialogues and tag lines. Tinder creating a buzz with the word Binod by searching a perfect match for Tinder users as and when someone matches on Tinder. The technique has existed for more than a decade but it is been leveraged more because of the easy availability of the internet and the power of social media.”

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, commented, “The Binod moment marketing trend has come as a blessing for even those brands which are only slightly adventurous. Binod-like concepts are completely innocent, and if a brand plays a sport in this social media game, it endears itself to many. However, it is not as if every moment marketing on social media works for everyone, especially if the issue being discussed is a sensitive one. My advice to brands is not to pounce on every moment marketing opportunity, but instead, wait for the right one to come along, one such where no possibility of a negative brand impact exists.”

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