2020 is the year of Integration and Personalisation in OOH: Alok Jalan, Laqshya Media

The MD of Laqshya Media Group, Jalan shares insights on their recent campaigns, in-house measurement tool SHARP and predictions for 2020 in OOH

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: Jan 3, 2020 8:54 AM
Alok Jalan

At the start of 2019, Laqshya Media Group launched its in-house tool, ‘SHARP’ (Strategic Hyperlocal AI-powered Reach Planner), helping its clients leverage data received from more than 50,000 geo-tagged sites comprising billboards across 26 cities. Recently, towards the end of 2019, Laqshya conceptualised and executed an impactful OOH campaign for Nykaa’s ‘Pink Friday Sale’. 

Alok Jalan, Managing Director, Laqshya Media Group, widely recognised as someone revolutionised the OOH eco-system, continues to spearhead strong and ethical practices within the industry. e4m spoke to Jalan about the recently-rolled out campaigns for Tanishq and Nykaa, how Laqshya has leveraged the in-house tool ‘SHARP’ and the trends to keep in mind for the year 2020.

Tell us about the insight and impact of the Tanishq campaign for the brand’s Virasat collection

Tanishq kept its faith on OOH by being visible throughout with a well-thought strategy. When you have brands with a larger purpose known to us, it becomes easy to plan and execute an impactful campaign for them. Also, it becomes viable to track the brand’s performance using our own metrics.

Our team has worked diligently and in sync with their marketing team. The recent award for Best Outdoor & Location-based Marketing at The Global Marketing Excellence Awards that we would like to share with them is a testament to this partnership.

What was the insight for the Nykaa campaign and its expected ROI?

The second edition sale of Nykaa was a thundering success last year, and with this campaign, they were expecting a four-day sale to imply a 5x growth in order volumes. The campaign planned on the sheer aim of creating dominant impact was challenging. Bandra ROB was finalised as the stretch, considering it is centrally located and caters to a different segment of TG. Creating impact through cluster branding was difficult as the handpicked ones are the favourites for a lot of key brands. Our team has set a good example, showing that with careful planning, one can use cluster branding to magnify the image. It has elevated the brand’s image and created a dominance that will stay for some time now.

The success of the campaign is the hype that it garnered and of course the fantastic sales numbers of the Pink Friday Sale.

How has 'SHARP' helped Laqshya stay ahead of the game?

We take immense pride to have developed India’s first-ever measuring tool, which allows brands to target the right audiences with reach or budget as an objective for an OOH campaign.

SHARP has been the outcome of months of hard work and is unmatched in its ability to give a scientific rationale for an OOH campaign. It is a massive immersion of Data and Technology that has helped generate the right algorithms for machine learning. SHARP contains data from more than 50,000 geo-tagged sites, which include billboards, BQS sites, mall facades, pillars and poles across 26 cities.

It combines diverse data points, involving Geo Tagged OOH formats, Traffic study by a global research agency, multiple databases to arrive at the current profiles of resident and transit population, panel rating points and various other factors for each of these 50K odd sites.

Our clients have benefitted enormously by moving from the gut-feel and assumptions-led media plan to an OTS (Opportunity to See) offered by an accurate media plan.

What sets you apart from other OOH agencies in terms of the solutions and offerings you'll provide brands?
We have been heavily investing in tech-data and innovations to offer our clients experience and not just a campaign when they come to us. We have constantly used Innovation with Purpose to help carve a niche for ourselves. Our Many-Firsts stands as a testimony to our ever-innovative picture. Offering AC Bus Shelters when Delhi reels under severe heatwave or creating a live billboard that tells you about traffic and travel time are some recent examples.

Which sector of brands is investing in OOH?
Brands across sectors are investing in OOH. The sectoral contribution is seasonal and need-driven. Below is the typical festive specific sector spends. Along with Real Estate, Organised Retail undoubtedly rules the roost. It was the most contributing sector with an SOE of 20 per cent. Here, showrooms, apparel, and jewellery hold the larger chunk. Real Estate continued to hold the other bigger share with almost 14 per cent.

What is the key trend that OOH players need to keep in mind for 2020?
2020 would be a year of Integration and Personalisation. The convergence of Mobile and OOH is the key growth driver for this sector. Another is hyperlocal or location-based advertising, where we can geo-fence a particular area and advertise strategically. Integration of both, if made engaging, will be proved immensely effective for any brand.

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