Rs 76K crore & counting: Will cricket media rights value reach Rs 100,000 crore this year?

While the rights for IPL, ICC, Cricket Australia, and ECB have been sold, BCCI and ACC media rights are expected to come up for bidding in the next few months

e4m by Javed Farooqui
Published: Aug 30, 2022 8:36 AM  | 5 min read

2022 has turned out to be a financially record-breaking year for the gentleman’s game in India with media companies like Disney Star, Viacom18, and Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI) going all-out to acquire media rights to properties like the Indian Premier League (IPL), International Cricket Council (ICC), Cricket Australia, and England Cricket Board (ECB).

Between these four properties, the media companies have committed investments worth Rs 76,000 crore. With the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC) media rights expected to come up for bidding in the next few months, media experts believe that a Rs 90,000 crore to Rs 100,000 crore consolidated figure for all the key cricketing properties is not far-fetched.

It is pertinent to note that each property has been awarded for different durations. IPL is a five-year deal that will be valid from 2023-27. ICC media rights deal has a four-year cycle from 2024-27. Cricket Australia media rights deal, which commences in 2023, will conclude in 2030. The ECB media rights deal will come up for renewal in 2028.

The Walt Disney Company-owned Disney Star leads the investment chart with close to Rs 50,000 crore in content investments for IPL TV rights (Rs 23,575 crore) and ICC media rights for India (Rs 24,000 crore). The broadcaster was the incumbent rights holder for both ICC and IPL. It also holds the BCCI media rights till 2023.

Disney Star also snatched the Cricket Australia media rights from Sony while the latter managed to retain the England Cricket Board (ECB) rights. Both these properties are believed to have fetched Rs 4000 crore.

Reliance Industries-backed Viacom18, the new entrant in the sports media business, set a new benchmark in the industry by acquiring IPL digital rights for Rs 23,758 crore. The media company’s digital rights bid is slightly higher than Disney Star’s TV rights bid for the IPL.

Media Partners Asia VP Mihir Shah said that the cricket investments are all set to reach Rs 100,000 crore for all the major properties that came up or will come up for renewal this year.

“We could see roughly Rs 100,000 crore going into sports. Given the kind of escalation that we have seen for IPL and ICC, even BCCI wouldn’t be a surprise. By the end of this year, everyone will have visibility on their content investments. Next year, companies will accordingly recalibrate their content spends on entertainment,” Shah said.

He expects the bidding for BCCI media rights to be as aggressive as the IPL and ICC rights. He also believes that Viacom18 and Sony-Zee will make a strong bid for the BCCI rights. “Jio-Viacom18-Bodhi Tree has got a play on IPL. Disney is secured with IPL TV rights and ICC media rights. Sony and Zee might go for BCCI rights since they have already created a war chest,” he added.

Triplecom Media iTap Founder & CEO Kunal Dasgupta is least surprised with the content investments being made by the broadcasters for acquiring cricket rights. He believes that the cricket rights value was always high and will continue to remain so in the near future. “Cricket has just begun to realise its true potential. The value of cricket rights will continue to rise further due to its strategic importance for media companies,” he asserted.

According to Dasgupta, the company that has the maximum amount of cricket content will have better bargaining power when it comes to ad and subscription monetisation. He also said that the cricket investments being made by broadcasters should not be viewed from the lens of profitability.

A senior official with a leading media company said that the rationale behind making investments in cricket is different for different companies. Disney Star, he said, has taken an aggressive approach since it is the incumbent rights holder for most of the big cricket properties. Likewise, Viacom18’s acquisition strategy is to build enough muscle for its newly launched sports business, he added. Sony-Zee’s approach was to bid within acceptable limits since their dependence on these properties was always low, the official said.

He also said that the ad rates will have to double or treble in certain cases in order to recover the humongous investments that are being made in cricket. “In TV, there is a challenge in subscription revenue due to the pricing embargo. Further, the ad rates will have to be increased significantly considering the fact that the annual pay-outs will be in the region of Rs 15,000 crore for the two properties. On digital, the challenge will be to grow the viewer base rather than the pricing,” the official said.

Elara Capital SVP Karan Taurani said that the escalation in cricket rights is driven by two key factors – inflation-linked increase and the competitive intensity in the market. He also feels that content investments in entertainment will not take a backseat despite the huge bets made by the broadcasters on cricket rights.

“I don’t think investments on cricket rights will impact investments on entertainment content. The content costs are going up by 30-35% annually. That is very much factored into the broadcaster estimates. Inflationary pressure on content cost is there across the board,” he stated.

A sports broadcasting expert said that the media companies will have to take risks since there is a threat of getting marginalised in a market that is seeing consolidation. He also noted that the sports broadcasting market is once again becoming a single broadcaster market.

“In this market, it is very important to maintain a leadership position. If a single player keeps most of the properties then monetisation will become an advantage. Cricket cuts across genres, geographical boundaries, and demographics in India. Viewership is guaranteed when a cricket match is happening. Given all of that, the prices will go up, especially if a single player holds all the ad inventory,” the expert said.

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Gunjan Taneja quits WION as VP & Head of Global Sales

Taneja joined WION in August 2020

By Ruhail Amin | Jan 27, 2023 1:45 PM   |   1 min read

Gunjan Taneja

Gunjan Taneja, Vice President and Head of Global Sales WION has stepped down from her role.

Taneja confirmed this development to e4m. She joined WION in August 2020 and was associated with the channel till Novemeber 2022.

Prior to joining WION, Taneja was Sales Director at Republic World for over three years. She has also served two stints at NDTV and worked with Aidem Ventures and Zee Media in the past.

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Zee Media’s Daiba Pradeep Roy joins Mitwa TV as National Sales Head

Roy has more than 21 years of experience in media sales.

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 27, 2023 12:00 PM   |   1 min read

Daiba Pradeep Roy

Daiba Pradeep Roy who was the National Sales Accounts Head with Zee Media Corporation has joined Mitwa TV as National Sales Head.

Mitwa TV is a new age subscription free premium OTT platform for 45+ Crore audiences spread across Hindi Heartland. Roy will lead the sales team nationally and be responsible for revenue generation at MitwaTV.

A veteran media professional, Daiba has more than 21 years of experience in media sales. Prior to his tenure in ZMCL, Pradeep was heading the Business Team, at ETV a Subsidiary of Network 18 Media, where he was designated as Business Head.

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‘GEC genre ad volume went up in 2022’

According to a TAM AdEx report, 2022 saw GEC claiming the highest share, 28.5%, in overall TV ad volumes since 2018

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 27, 2023 8:50 AM   |   2 min read


The general entertainment channel (GEC) genre witnessed a 2% increase in ad volume in 2022 compared to 2021. According to TAM AdEx - Rewinding 2022 for GEC Channel Genre on TV report, 2022 had the highest ad volumes since 2018, with a 29% increase in 2022 compared to 2018.

As per the report, the third and fourth quarters of the year 2022 saw more ad volumes than the first and second. The report also stated that 2022 saw the highest GEC share i.e 28.5% of overall TV ad volumes since 2018.  

During both 2022 and 2021, Hindi GEC topped with more than 20% share of the GEC channel genre’s ad volumes. The top five subgenres accounted for around 69% share of ad volumes during 2022. 

Meanwhile, the count of categories and advertisers on the GEC genre dropped in Q3-Q4 '22 over Q2’22, whereas the count of brands peaked in Q3 '22. As per the report, Food & Beverages sector topped with 28% share of the GEC genre’s ad volumes, followed by Personal Care/Personal Hygiene with 20% share. Additionally, Biscuits and Aerated Soft Drinks were the new entrants among the top 10 categories. 

HUL, Reckitt Benckiser and Brooke Bond Lipton India retained their top three positions as advertisers during both 2021-22. Coca-Cola India and Procter & Gamble Home Products were the new entrants among the top 10 advertisers in 2022. Also, over 2800 advertisers were present on GEC on 2022. 

Meanwhile, over 800 exclusive advertisers were present on GEC with  Ullu Digital leading the list in GEC genre followed by Mangalam

Over 5600 brands advertised on GEC in 2022 with Dettol Antiseptic Liquid leading the top brand list followed by Harpic Power Plus 10x Max Clean. Also the top four brands were from Reckitt Benckiser (India).


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‘IPL on TV provides scale and impact for brands across categories’

At e4m TV First conference, a diverse panel of brand leaders touched upon how associating with IPL on television brings instant reach at scale and unlocks newer audiences for their brands

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 7:20 PM   |   4 min read

tv first panel

IPL on television has been an advertiser’s delight across categories. The sheer scale of the platform and its ability to drive instant results for brands makes it a preferred medium for impact.  At the e4m TV First conference held in Mumbai on Tuesday, a panel discussion was held on the topic, ‘Television - The chosen destination for IPL viewing.’ The panel was chaired by Vanita Keswani, CEO, Madison Media Sigma - Madison World and consisted of Anjali Krishnan, Head of Media, Mondelez India, Ajay Dang, President, Head - Marketing, Ultratech - Aditya Birla Group, Lalitha Nayak, In Charge - Marketing, NPCI, Nilesh Malani, CMO, Polycab and Girish Hingorani, Head - Marketing & Ecommerce, Cooling & Purification Appliances Group, Blue Star Limited.

Ajay Dang started the discussion with his thoughts on television advertising on IPL, which according to him, is distinct for brands in terms of viewer receptiveness and engagement. “IPL on television is a brilliant platform in terms of the number of eyeballs and effective storytelling of brand messaging. I think as marketers, there are a few shining examples like Mondelez, which have leveraged the platform fabulously well. It is a fabulous platform to engage with viewers.”

Nilesh Malani then spoke about how Polycab built their brand at the back of IPL associations on television since 2018. “At Polycab, the brand building exercise started maybe a decade ago. The philosophy was let's reach out to the heartland of the country from a distribution point of view and supply chain point of view. That's where we started going to consumers and we wanted to reach out in the most effective and faster way. IPL on TV gave us the best reach in the shortest period of time. So that's the reason we chose IPL. Then in 2019, we went public. And again, we wanted to reach out to consumers with a larger portfolio of products. That's where we decided to continue our journey on IPL.”

Anjali Krishnan gave some valuable insights in terms of how brands can best creatively leverage IPL on television. “We have launched all our new campaigns on our proposition of ‘acknowledging the unacknowledged’ through IPL on TV. We’ve observed over the past few years of partnering with Star Sports for IPL that the effectiveness of our campaigns was twice as they were compared to any other inventory we bought. IPL on TV is the ideal platform to launch new brand communications. It gives you a great reach in a very short period. New users that brands want to reach out to are present on IPL on TV. IPL on TV has played a pivotal role in brand building for Cadbury Dairy Milk.”

Girish Hingorani, who has been a strong believer in IPL on TV as a media property since its inception, spoke about how the platform has been a key factor in the success of Bluestar over the years. “We’ve been advertising on IPL on TV since 2008 and have leveraged the platform every year since. IPL on TV brings the country together and associating with a platform like this brings a lot of gravitas to a brand. We have focused on consistently creating good content and IPL on television has provided the largest platform for us to launch new communication every summer.”

Lalitha Nayak went on to talk about how the demographic profiling for Rupay matched with IPL TV audiences and how the association helped the brand launch new products successfully. “We launched our ‘Rupay - On The Go’ proposition last summer through IPL on television. Demographic compatibility is a key factor for us when we look at platforms to advertise on and IPL on television was a match for us. We advertised on IPL on digital as well, but saw a high recall for the brand after we begun the TV association. IPL on TV is a clutter breaking phenomenon if you can create good content that blends in.”


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‘TV is by far the most powerful and effective in building equity and awareness’

At e4m TV First conference, industry experts discusse how TV is still a strong medium over digital media to reach a wider audience in India

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 7:10 PM   |   5 min read

Tv first

Due to the pandemic, digital media has become an easy as well as affordable medium for brands to reach out consumers without much hassle. However, TV still has a strong presence in Indian households. Advertisers across genres prefer TV over any other medium in order to increase their credibility amongst consumers.

At the recently held e4m TV First conference, industry leaders discussed why TV is still a preferred medium and how advertisers are making the most out of it. The panel discussion was moderated by Dheeraj Sinha, CEO & The Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia, Leo Burnett; Chairman, BBH India. The panel consisted of Sambit Dash, Partner - RPSG Capital Ventures, Girish Hingorani, Head - Marketing & Ecommerce, Cooling & Purification Appliances Group, Blue Star Limited, Gaurav Dhawan, Chief Revenue Officer, Times Network, Rajan Amba, VP-Sales, Marketing & Customer Service - Tata Motors Ltd- Passenger Vehicles. 

Speaking on why TV is still is the popular medium, Dash of  RPSG, said, “ I think television is still the key medium for a brand to gain  the trust of consumers and create an impact. What I mean by trust is that it's just human conditioning; when you see an ad for a brand on TV, you think this brand has enough money and so must be having enough consumers and so it's big enough for me to trust. That's where the trust comes from and impact is all about reaching a large audience at the same time.”

While Amba of Tata Motors said, “I think one of the things, that we often forget is that, families take decisions, it's all not always individual. For brands like us, which are high-value purchase brands and where the decision to buy is taken by the family and not individual, TV makes a lot of sense. It's got the most widespread of a penetration in that sense and I think that it allows us to tell stories, the larger screen allows us to tell stories in a family setting in a much more inclusive way than digital does and that certainly help brands like us.” 

Hingorani of Bluestar said, “TV is by far perhaps the most powerful and effective in building equity and awareness. A brand like Bluestar has been built on television over the last two decades or so. We still kept investing on TV because as brand equity cannot be built in private and one has to be reaching out to as many consumers as you can, even if you're a B2B brand. The audio-visual experience that TV gives you, without you having that option of skipping the ads, there's nothing to beat television.”

Dhawan of Times Network said, “What TV does is, it very beautifully helps you address key behavior points so if you want to impact the behavior of any particular market, you will see that TV actually works beautifully. TV has a far bigger impact, you trust the TV word very easily, there's a lot of credibility that come with it. TV even today is the highest reached medium in India as 70% of India is connected through television in one way or the other.”

The discussion then shifted to IPL.

Speaking on the impact of IPL, Amba said, “We've been investing in IPL since 2018 as partners and not just as advertisers. We've seen some tremendous boost arising out of that. But having said that I think that every brand needs to think very carefully about that kind of investment. It is a massive investment and it's a one-time huge investment which can blow you out of the water. If you're a brand looking to make a big impact and you've got something new to offer and you can afford it, it certainly makes sense because you will get that mileage.”

Similarly Hingorani, said, “Bluestar has been on IPL ever since the first season, I've been on every season of IPL. We've been there, we're not a big brand in terms of deep pockets, we have very limited money available but we choose to use it wisely. Of course IPL has a great timing advantage for us because it's the start of the summer season, most of our campaigns are launched on IPL but what we've learned is that IPL is very different from other television advertising. One thing for IPL is that you have to acknowledge the fact that your break hours will be the lowest, which means people would want to obviously wait for the next over so they are not really going anywhere. So that advantage of engagement is there with IPL.”

The panel also discussed about Connected TV and how it is emerging in India but will take time for the masses to follow as people are becoming more accessible to broadband connections. Dhawan said, “It looks very small as we speak because not too many people into it but with the passage of time and improved data speeds, it will catch up. Right now it looks like it is in the sushi category you know good to have it sometimes but can't have it as a daily meal, someday it will become part of your daily meal.”


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Sesame Street co-creator Lloyd Morrisett is no more

Morrisett was known as an experimental educator for using TV as a medium of education

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 11:15 AM   |   1 min read


Sesame Street's co-creator Lloyd Morrisett has passed away. He was 93.

Known as the experimental educator, Morrisett collaborated with TV producer Joan Ganz Cooney to create Sesame Street upon seeing his daughter interact with the television.

TV show Sesame Street was a big hit among children around the world.

According to Cooney, his co-founder and close friend, “Without Lloyd Morrisett, there would be no Sesame Street. It was he who first came up with the notion of using television to teach pre-schoolers basic skills, such as letters and numbers."

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GroupM’s Motion Content Group to launch new show featuring India’s influential leaders

‘Jai Ho! Bharat Ki Anant Yatra’ is being launched in association with Google and Meta

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 10:09 AM   |   2 min read


GroupM's Motion Content Group, in partnership with Google and Meta, is launching a new show, "Jai Ho! Bharat Ki Anant Yatra," in collaboration with Optimum Television.

The show, a tribute to the contribution that the Indian civilization has made to the world, takes viewers on a journey through India's past, present, and future.

"Jai Ho! Bharat Ki Anant Yatra" will feature some of the most influential and accomplished leaders from various fields in India, who are the baton holders of the country's culture and heritage.

The show will comprise 3 episodes for a duration of 1 hour each. It will be aired on Zee TV SD, Zee TV HD, Zee Cinema HD, & TV, Zee news, Hindustan.

The series will feature subject matter experts, historians, academicians, scientists as well as titans of Indian Industry such as Professor Yashwant Gupta, Centre for Radio Astrophysics; Dr Pratap C Reddy, Apollo Hospitals; Baba Ramdev, Yog Guru; Acharya Balkrishna, Patanjali; Professor Sunaina Singh, Nalanda University; Anil Shastri, Senior Leader of Indian National Congress; RS Sodhi, Former Managing Director, Amul; Prof V Ramgopal Rao, IIT Delhi; Professor Aral D Souza, IIM – Ahmedabad ; Dr Anil Bharadwaj, ISRO; Dr Subhash Chandra – Zee; Edward Luke-Financial Times; Sangeeta Gupta-Nasscom; Dileep Sanghvi-Sun Pharma ; G Ashok Kumar-National Water Mission on Stepwells; Salvador Lyngdohscientist on living root bridges; Deepinder Goyal- Zomato; Ruma Devi-rural entrepreneur; Motilal Oswal – Motilal Oswal Financial Services, Abhishek Singh, CEO, Digital India; Vikram Singh Bedi – MD Google cloud India.

The show is narrated by Sharad Kelkar and scripted by Prasoon Joshi. "Jai Ho! Bharat Ki Anant Yatra" will be available on Zee Network and can also be streamed on Google and Meta's platforms.

Ashwin Padmanabhan, President - Investments, Trading, and Partnerships, GroupM – India, said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Jai Ho! Bharat Ki Anant Yatra. This show is a celebration of the stupendous journey of Indian Civilization and its contribution to the world. The show also looks into what the future holds for India as an economic and cultural world leader. We are proud to collaborate with Google Cloud and Meta to tell this inspiring story of India." 

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