IIMC Alumni Association hosts first jury meet of IIMCAA Awards 2019

IIMCAA has formed 14 juries; winners of Alumni of the Year award and Public Service award to be chosen by Central Committee of IIMCAA

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Updated: Jan 29, 2019 8:27 AM
IIMC Jury Meet

IIMC Alumni Association hosted the first set of IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury Meetings on January 27 at the IIMC headquarters in New Delhi. 

IIMCAA has formed fourteen juries - each comprising more than 3 members. Of the 14, 7 Jury members met on January 27 and the rest will meet on February 3 to select the winners for the 33 categories of IIMCAA Awards 2019. 

There are 35 awards in all but winners of the Alumni of the Year award and Public Service award will be chosen by the Central Committee of IIMCAA. Winners of the 33 Categories of Jury-based selection will get a cheque of Rs 21,000, a trophy and a certificate. However, the recipient of the award for Agriculture Reporting will win an award money of Rs 51,000.

Speaking about the jury process, Anita Kaul Basu, IIMCAA Awards 2019 Convenor said, “This is the third season of the IIMCAA Awards. The Awards are unique in recognising the exceptional talent and outstanding work of the IIMC Alumni from varied platforms and sectors of mass communication, including the digital world of journalism, advertising, public relations, corporate communications, media planning, documentary making, media research and photography. These are the only impactful awards from the mass communication industry that cover a wide range of platforms and categories and cull out best-of-the-best talent to encourage excellence in their fields.”

According to Simrat Gulati, IIMCAA Awards 2019 Coordinator, “This year, we have received around 250 entries for the IIMCAA Awards 2019 in 33 categories which are more than double of what we received in 2018. We then had a total of 114 entries in 21 categories. The number of jury panels has been raised to 14 from last year’s six. The significant aspect of our jury formation is that we try to keep a majority of non-alumni members to judge the work of the alumni, making the process more transparent. The competition was quite tough.” 

Prasad Sanyal, IIMCAA President and Group Digital Editor, ZEE Media, said: “IIMCAA Awards is an attempt by the IIMC Alumni Association to highlight the best work by the IIMC Alumni. Not just reporters and anchors, we are also trying to award those who very often do not get any recognition or awards in the industry, like desk persons involved in day-to-day production of a newspaper or TV channel shows and websites. Similarly, in the world of advertising and PR, there are campaigns that are recognised by many award bodies, but the communications experts - internal and external - are being recognised by IIMCAA.” 


The Jury Members who were present in the January 27 meeting are:

IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury No. 7
Q W Naqvi, Chair
Sarvesh Tiwari
Parmanand Khetan
B 1- Print Production- Large Publications
B 2- Print Production- Medium & Small Publications
B 3- Broadcast Production- Large Network
B 7- Digital Production- Video 

IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury No. 8
Nilanjana Jha, Chair
Nirendra Nagar
Suresh Kumar
Priyarag Verma
B 5- Digital Production- Content
B 6- Digital Production- Innovation

IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury No. 9
Deepak Chaurasia, Chair
Sumit Awasthi
Mehraj Dubey
Chandrika Joshi
RJ Raunac
B 8- Anchor/ Presenter/ Broadcaster [Audio]
B 9 - Anchor/ Presenter/ Broadcaster [Video]

IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury No. 10
Milind Khandekar, Chair
Shome Basu
Mike Sangma
B 10– Documentary Film Making
B 11- Photography– Amateur
B 12- Photography– Professional

IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury No. 11
Ashish Chakravarty, Chair
Anita Bose
Sambit Mohanty
Nitin Thakur
C 1- Advertising
C 2- Media Innovation

IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury No. 12
Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney, Chair
Sunila Dhar
Partha Ghosh
Samir Kapur
Sourav Das
C 3- Image Building (Public Relations)
C 4- Advocacy
C 5- Crisis Management
C 6- Image Management

IIMCAA Awards 2019 Jury No. 13
Kavita Ayyagari, Chair
Tushar Bajaj
Neeraj Seth
Prateek Chaterjee
Karnika Kohli
C 7- Social Media Management- Small
C 8- Social Media Management- Big
C 9- Social Media Influencer


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