Astrological combinations for journalism & mass communication aspirants

Guest Column: Acharya Praveen Chauhan shares how planetary combinations and astrological yogas can be the harbinger of success if you’re planning a career in journalism, PR, advertising or films

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Published: Apr 8, 2021 5:01 PM  | 4 min read
Acharya Praveen Chauhan

With a legacy of more than 100 years, journalism and mass communication is a career that will never be outdated. Rather, the evolving times have created a strong need of mass media to connect people and build societal relationships. In the 21st century, the dynamics of mass communication and journalism as a career option have changed. Mass communication today, is a diverse field, entwined with every industry.  Today, almost every establishment is availing services offered by mass media enthusiasts. Be it a publishing house or the corporate world, none has missed a chance to escape borderlines and venture in different industries leading to advancements in the sector. If you are creative, dynamic, have a nag for people, then mass communication is the right choice for you. But what else can up your score in the industry?

Your planetary combinations and astrological yogas can be the harbinger of success if you’re planning a career in print journalism, electronic journalism, Public Relations, advertising, films, radio journalism, news anchoring. Give up the predicament of stepping in the industry if you have the following yogas and dive with greatest spirits!

    1. Important Houses: The Third, Fifth and the Tenth House

    The third house of the horoscope indicates the presence of ‘communication’ in the birth-chart. This signifies the art of speaking and diction. The third house thus, gives information regarding all the instruments of mass communication such as television, newspaper, and radio that require exemplary communication and speaking skills. The fifth house in the birth-chart reflects education and provides an ability to speak artistically. Both are fundamental to establish a career in the field of journalism and mass communication. The tenth house of the horoscope is the house of occupation. Having qualities is not enough, the ability to channelize them into a lucrative career is challenging. Thus, the presence of tenth house in your birth chart is necessary and determines this. The existence of all three houses the horoscope is important to adjust the sails of your career in the ocean of opportunities that this career field offers.


    2. Important Planets: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter

    Mercury symbolizes pen in the horoscope and Mars is the planet that implies ink in birth chart. Thus, combination of both planets- Mars and Mercury in your birth chart is similar to the combination of pen and ink. This drives expression and thought that are the two major qualities of a journalist. The presence of planet Jupiter in the horoscope induces knowledge thus making the person knowledgeable. This has an auspicious impact on the person. The affect of this planet is supremely important as ‘knowledge’ is the key character of a journalist. Collectively, the presence of planets Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in the birth-chart brings a flair for writing, expression and thought with a streak of knowledgeable in your journalistic personality.


    3. Combinations, Directions and Transit:

    The Yogas in the birth-chart give appropriate results when the Planets and house associated with their occupation form a relationship with the periods in the age of his livelihood. The influence of the double transit on the tenth house/lord in the birth-chart is mandatory and espouses your career in journalism and mass communication. 

    The second house in horoscope also represents one’s capacity for verbal expression. It is the karaka of speech. The presence of second house in the birth-chart along with the planets Jupiter, mercury is significant for those who wish to become news reader. The planetary combination of Mars, mercury, Jupiter and Venus is essential for success in electronic journalism. If you aspire to be a news anchor you must look for the planets Venus, mercury, moon and Jupiter in their birth chart. While second house and the planets Jupiter, mercury are significant for those who wish to become news reader.

    While hardwork and perseverance are inevitable factors to attain success, the planets, their placement in houses of your horoscope and the Yogas in your birth chart play a significant role in determining your career. The planetary relationship with your zodiac offers a great assessment to your career in journalism and mass communication.


    The writer is a Delhi-based celebrity astrologer and palmist and can be reached at


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