Screenage: Digital advertising to grow by 32% in coming years: Yogesh Manwani, ZEE5

Manwani, Head AVOD, News & Stories, ZEE5 India, spoke about how a mobile-first approach is becoming 'mobile-only'

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Published: Oct 12, 2019 8:20 AM  | 4 min read
Yogesh Manwani ZEE5 India

The exchange4media Screenage Mobile Marketing Conference in Mumbai witnessed many industry stalwarts sharing insights on how mobile advertising is faring.

Yogesh Manwani, Head AVOD, News and Stories, ZEE5 India, spoke about how a mobile-first approach is becoming 'mobile-only'.

Manwani says that there is a rapid advancement in technology with cheaper handsets and cheaper data which has enabled change on the consumer level. “They have the ability to engage with different kinds of services. Mobile has led to a big quantum jump in consumer behaviour. The consumer segment which had a transition straight to mobile or mobile-first is moving towards mobile-only. Consumers today are doing everything on mobile. There are a lot of statistics that point towards the change that has happened. One is, 451 million is the current Internet population of India and this number represents 1/3rd population of the country. That’s encouraging. This number is expected to grow rapidly. This growth is expected to come not only from metros but rural markets too.”

According to Manwani, digital advertising in India is estimated to grow by 32%  in coming years. “That’s not surprising. Consumers are on mobile and so, marketers and advertisers will have to adapt to wherever the consumers are. All of this is also leading to a different set of challenges and opportunities for marketers. At ZEE5, we are looking to develop solutions along with our brand partners that address these challenges.”

What are these challenges? “One is the changed consumer behaviour and expectations. Technology brought convenience but it also disrupted traditional consuming pattern and journeys. Consumers expect brands to treat them in a hyper-personalised way. Their attention span has become far lower.” Manwani points out.

Manwani lists the second challenge as insights leading to segmentation. “We all are aware that digital allows brands to access rich data. Using the right tools and having the right partners, dive deep into data and reach out to the segments. It would mean you reach to different consumers segments depending on who you are targeting, where you are targeting, using different messages and assets.”

The third challenge according to Manwani, is transparency and safety. "Advertisers or marketers have the ability to track the investments to get maximum bang for their buck", Manwani asserts.

“At ZEE5 we have used AI, and apart from content, we also focus on technology to give viewers and brands, personalised solutions. Infonomix is the backbone of our Ad Suite. Brand owners and marketers can leverage the data to form cohorts and segments for messaging depending on their goals and objectives. With ZEE5 Ad Suite, we are able to deliver 360-degree value solutions to consumers.”

Explaining about the Ad Suite further, Manwani adds, “I will start with Ad Vault. Marketers and brand owners can look for assets they choose to invest in and also buying mechanism. Next is Ampli5, this is basically used for amplification of brand messages with the power of content, characters and technology. Branded content, live streaming comes under this bucket. Play5 allows brands to engage with consumers and interact with them. It could be a gamification solution, a quiz, a poll or a survey, or segments you wish to cater to. And the last is Wishbox. Brands can use this for video commerce and engage consumers too.”

Manwani also explains how the consumer can do more than watch their favourite shows online. “Next time a consumer is watching their favourite show and he/she is interested to buy or know more about a fashion accessory a character is wearing, they can click on it and add it to their wishlist. It will take them to the store and give them the data to make the purchase there.”

Manwani reveals that Ad Vault and Ampli5 were used for brand solutions and that has helped ZEE5 garner a lot of impressions. The last four launches that Vivo has done, were live-streamed on ZEE5. “We have over 9.5 million impressions generated from these launches,” Manwani reveals.

Summing up his session, Manwani says, “While digital comes with a lot of opportunities, it comes with a lot of challenges. It's time to embrace technology, ad strong content and give concrete solutions to your clients.”

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