Atlas adoption overtakes DoubleClick

It's been just a few months since Facebook re-launched the Atlas platform after buying it from Microsoft last year and research claims it is already eating into Google's marketshare, or are we reading too much into the data?

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Updated: Dec 5, 2014 8:10 AM
Atlas adoption overtakes DoubleClick

It’s been just over a couple of months since Facebook relaunched the Atlas platform after buying it from Microsoft last year. Completely revamped and with a promise of providing more accurate, cross platform targeting without depending on cookies, Atlas’ introduction has been seen as a significant development.

What advertisers may find on Facebook Atlas

Analytics firm Datanyze now says that according to its data more users added Atlas than Google’s DoubleClick in the months of October and November. In October, 71,518 new websites added Facebook Atlas with 25, 184 dropping it as compared to 54,268 new additions for DoubleClick with 54,491 exits. Similarly, in November Atlas saw 27,193 new additions with 13,358 exits while DoubleClick saw 13,553 additions and 12,580 drops. Both Atlas and DoubleClick were the top two ad networks in terms of additions, followed by Sizmek.

In terms of overall marketshare, DoubleClick still leads the way according to Datanyze with 73.38% with Atlas at around 12% (203,338 websites) Among the top million websites (in terms of Alexa ranking), the percentage drops a bit with DoubleClick claiming 64.1% share and Atlas at 16.1%.

Datanyze crawls websites to determine which web technologies are being used. This is then used to calculate market share and customer migration data. Datanyze classifies the companies it analyzes on the basis of their Alexa ranking and tracks roughly 25 million websites.

Here is what Atlas’ growth chart looked like since its acquisition and subsequent revamp at the hands of Facebook:

“We've been tracking Atlas since Sept 2012, when it was still a Microsoft product. You'll notice that it was fairly dormant throughout 2012-2013, then experiences a sharp increase around September after the relaunch,” pointed out Datanyze’s Sam Laber in an email.

The Indian numbers are not available as of now since there is no real clarity how many Indian publishers (if any) are using Atlas. However, as Preetham Venkky, Head (Digital Strategy & Business) at KRDS Asia, points out, “This could just be a case of people giving a try to a new technology.”

Should Google be worried about Facebook's revamped Atlas platform?

The fact that DoubleClick is almost universally spread already is another point to take into consideration. Irrespective of this, the ad tech medium seems to be in for exciting times ahead.

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