Vodafone launches the musical ZooZoo internet army

Undeterred by the controversies surrounding IPL, the army of tiny ZooZoos gave an interesting twist to the tale by launching the first-ever musical video

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Updated: May 28, 2013 7:46 PM
Vodafone launches the musical ZooZoo internet army

It was that time of the year when people were glued to the TV sets to watch the biggest cricketing extravaganza and the earth was invaded by Vodafone’s tiny egg shell-like creatures with giant heads, called ZooZoos. Since then, there have been unexpected explosions in an entertaining manner.

Undeterred by the controversies surrounding IPL, the army of tiny ZooZoos gave an interesting twist to the tale by launching the first-ever musical video. Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, the Vodafone Zoozoo IPL campaign closes with a finale video – ‘The ZooZoo Celebration’.

The campaign shows the entire army dancing to the tune of Zumi Zumi, highlighting the latest data offerings by the brand. The current ZooZoo campaign for this IPL season was pushing mobile phone users to access Vodafone’s data trial packs. The brand claims that the data usage and revenue growth has been led by increasing smartphone and tablet penetration.

Anuradha Aggarwal, Senior Vice President – Brand Communications and Insights, Vodafone India said, “Zumi Zumi is a celebration song of the ZooZoo army. With the IPL playoffs being held now, the excitement frenzy will be at its highest in the next few days. We have added to the excitement by launching a new ZooZoo internet army ‘Celebration’ advertisement. This reinforces the message that Vodafone brings you the internet in a fun way. For the first time ever, the ZooZoo are singing and dancing in their unique style, celebrating Vodafone Internet, to spread fun and cheer.”

The production house for the campaign is Nirvana Films and it is directed by Prakash Varma.

Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather said, “The musical video was planned from day one. It is meant to close the campaign with a celebration by the mini ZooZoo. The ZooZoos are very much like us. They are a caricature of humans and that’s why we relate so much with Zoozoos. And as long as we show engaging and interesting stories about them, we are hopeful they will connect with audience.”

“Like the Pug, the ZooZoo are equally loved mascots of the Vodafone brand. They are simple, silly, crazy and fun loving creatures and they will continue to add cheer to the brand. The challenge is to refresh and surprise the audience each time,” he added.

Has the musical invasion worked?
Industry experts believe that the campaign has already attracted a lot of attention and the idea of using music for the first time connects with the consumers.

Anindya Banerjee, Branch Manager and Executive Creative Director at Scarecrow Asia said, “I honestly didn’t expect a music video from the ZooZoos. So it was pretty unexpected. Add a foot tapping retro number, and it gets full marks. And that, I think is the key for the ZooZoos. People keep saying that the ZooZoos are way past their prime. To all of them, I say, that’s not the point. As long as the stories are fresh, ZooZoos are here to stay.”

Chraneeta Mann, Executive Creative Director and National Creative Head at Rediffusion Y&R stated, “Well, the intent seems to be only to cash in on the popularity of the ZooZoos…but the question is that while there are people out there who love the ZooZoos, do they have to love everything they do? As for execution, the production is competent, the lyrics are fairly straight, music is somewhat catchy, but not something that gets stuck in the head. Music videos, as such, have been attempted before by many brands, so it’s not really a first time idea as well. I would say it is cute, but only for a while.”

She added, “The song is catchy and there might be repeat views. It might work as a ring tone as well. However, I can’t say for sure whether it will drive subscriptions, since there are many other variables in this category that drive preference amongst consumers, especially first time mobile internet users.”

On the long association of Vodafone with the Zoozoos, she believes that the ZooZoos have been terrific for the brand right across the launch and the 3G campaign. “You can’t deny it was a fantastic idea when launched. The stories were engaging, and there was an endearing human element to the weird looking characters. But to me, this campaign lacks the humour that was so intrinsic to the launch and even the 3G campaign. I wouldn’t say great ideas reach a saturation point, but yes, it’s increasingly tougher to refresh them in each passing campaign, and the challenge remains to conceptualise campaigns that are equally creative and engaging enough to meet the high expectations that people have from the ZooZoos,” Mann concluded.

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