Honda CR-V uses versatility-driven positioning to target achievers

The campaign ‘One Life, Many Lives’ links the multi-faceted car with high profile individuals who lead multi-dimensional lives

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Updated: Feb 26, 2013 8:19 PM
Honda CR-V uses versatility-driven positioning to target achievers

Reaching a stage in life when you are not asked ‘what you do’ but ‘what do you like doing best’ and living life like a series of fast paced mini videos – some homemade and some big screen material – Dentsu Marcom has created a campaign for the launch of the revamped Honda CR-V.

Titled ‘One Life, Many Lives’, the campaign highlights a combination of multiple segment features of the car and repositions the new Honda CR-V as an urban SUV.

The ad film shows a man around the age of 40 sitting in a studio where stylists, hair and make-up artists give him a different look every time. He adapts various looks, which shows the different lives he lives – from a fisherman to a golfer, a corporate czar, a chef, a scuba diver, a polo player, among other things. The film ends with a tagline ‘All new CR-V. One Life, Many Lives’.  Stop motion technique has been used in the film. It is directed by Shaaz Ahmed.

Speaking on the campaign, Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom said, “We had to bring out the whole idea of change and also connect with the target audience, who are the high profile individuals leading a multi-dimensional life. We linked the multi-faceted car with the multi-faceted man to create clutter-breaking work. The idea was that after you reach a certain level in life, you are not asked ‘what you do’ but ‘what do you like doing best’. Which basically goes on to say that the man has moved on from chasing one thing in his life, moved up the ladder and developed many more interests; he has started finding time to chase all of them. The all new CR-V in many ways is both a metaphor and an enabler of this way of living.”

The campaign will be promoted through digital, print, outdoor media and various activations.

On the idea behind the TVC, Narayan Devanathan, National Planning Director, Dentsu India said, “The Honda CR-V is one of those few vehicles, even for a class of people who are accomplished, that qualifies as the car that’s talked about on a bumper sticker that says ‘When I grow up, I want to be a ....’. It’s a goose-bump inducing car and it deserved a simple but classy idea that could do justice. And much like the many lives that the CR-V enables, one look at it inspired many ideas on how to create engaging communications around it. What you see is what rose to the top (like the ones who will drive the CR-V). But every idea we had was fun and engaging.”

Experts speak
The creative fraternity believes that the commercial is built on a powerful insight and is very different from the usual car commercials that only highlight the features of the car.

Naresh Gupta, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle said, “CR-V is a very popular and liked SUV in the country. This is one really aspirational Honda in the country. The versatility-driven positioning works very well for the car, especially when the car itself is a crossover between a sedan and fully blown SUV.”

He added, “The commercial obviously is a global one and tells a compelling story. It builds a manly story, tells many aspirational things that they should do and showcases the driver. It stays away from usual long stylized driving shots and that is a good thing. In the market where the X1s and Q3s have become a defacto choice, this commercial makes the consumer look at Honda again.”

According to Anindya Banerjee, Branch Head and Executive Creative Director, Scarecrow Asia, “The planner’s brief was insightful; unfortunately the film stays at that – a planner’s insight. Yes, we live many lives in the course of one life, but so what? How does the CR-V help me do it? Sadly, the film fails to close this vital loop.”

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