'The campaign spreads a feeling of joy with its touch of nostalgia & relatability'

As per industry experts, the brand's IPL 2021 campaign is well articulated and well promoted but is not packaged in a way that it can be forwarded on Whatsapp or shared with the friends

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Published: Apr 15, 2021 8:54 AM  | 3 min read
Dream11 Team Hai Toh Mazaa Hai

One of the star campaigners during IPL 2020, Dream11 is adopting a two-dimensional strategy this year to catch the fancy of the viewers. The fantasy sports platform has rolled out a series of 12 commercials for IPL 2021, half of which are a part of the larger #Dream11PeDimagLagao series and the rest revive their last year’s feel of gully cricket in a totally new form of #TeamHaiTohMazaaHai. The latter is once again getting all the praises from the marketing community.

BangInTheMiddle Managing Partner & CCO Prathap Suthan finds the campaign the most enjoyable amongst the ones running on Hotstar right now. “I found the Dream11 delightful; it spreads a sweet smile on my face taking me back to my college. It somehow takes me back to the Airtel #HarEKFriendZarooriHotaHai campaign but still stands out because of the treatment it has been given. It is a nice touch of nostalgia, the nuances are fine and relatable. I feel that the youngsters are totally going to relate with it as it sets an interesting tone of friendship and camaraderie.” 

Samsika Marketing Consultants CMD Jagdeep Kapoor highlights that the campaign works well because of three Rs: Relevant, Rejoice, and Result. “The ads are completely relevant because they set the narrative of picking the right team, exactly what Dream11 is all about. It is a well-thought-out strategic campaign with great nuances. Secondly, it spreads a feeling of joy among the viewers with its touch of nostalgia and relatability. And most importantly, it has the capacity to deliver good results for the brand.” 

Makani Creatives Co-founder & MD Sameer Manaki adds, “The 6-film campaign #TeamHaiTohMaazaHai is well articulated and well-promoted as all the films have resonating storylines."

The trio feels that these campaigns are special because of the fact that they bring the celebrities within the cricketers on a more relatable and real platform for all cricket fans who actually play gully cricket or have to use bricks as wickets, or clear the terrace for a fun game. 

Despite being such a finely crafted piece of communication, the brand hasn’t been able to get similar traction on the ads as it got last year. The Twitter reactions are buzzing more with user complaints and the shareability is relatively lower. 

While Kapoor thinks it’s too early to comment on the virality of the campaign as the series has just started and the videos have all the elements that could make them viral, Suthan believes that the packaging of a nice concept in a non-shareable way is hampering the popularity of the piece. 

“I think that the campaigns, despite being amazing, are not packaged in a way that they can be forwarded on Whatsapp or be shared with the friends. There have been many campaigns that talk about friendship and the importance of mates. However, the Dream11 campaign somehow lacks that spark, which makes people share it ahead. In fact, I also loved the campaigns and it never occurred to me as well to share it further," Suthan shares.

For Makani, last year's Vocal for Local sentiment had propelled the ads towards popularty. "The nostalgic theme coupled with Vocal for local sentiment in 2020 gave the last campaign mileage across platforms. The novelty element of both -- the concept of the product and the campaign having celebrities and cricketers interact with common people asking them to make teams -- led to the great response for the previous year’s campaign.” 

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