‘5G investments can play a significant role in restarting economies’

Ruchika Batra, VP, Marketing and Comms, Ericsson India, shares highlights from the ‘Ericsson Mobility Report 2020’, the changes brought about by Covid and more

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Updated: Oct 13, 2020 9:20 AM
Ruchika Batra

With Work from Home and ‘staying in’ becoming more of a norm, the Internet has become a necessity more than ever. A recent Ericsson Mobility Report has revealed that in India the average time spent on mobile broadband went up by 2.2 hours per day since the lockdown was imposed. The demand for mobile networks has also gone up by 10-20 per cent, the report says.

Ericsson recently launched a social media campaign to honour the Unsung Heroes. Ruchika Batra, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Ericsson India, spoke more on Ericsson India’s digital outreach approach during the pandemic, communication strategies, 5G in the Indian market, future plans for India and more.

Batra shared about how the interests of both the internal and external stakeholders were addressed during the past 6 months amid the pandemic with specific programmes like the 24X7 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and the Wellness program. “As an organization, driving a balance between business continuity and empathy has been the key. Even as we have maintained the focus on meeting customer needs and preserving seamless connectivity, we ensured that our employees are well supported as they grapple with this new reality. We believe that wellbeing empowers our people to perform better, deliver on our business strategy and ultimately bring ‘their great’ to work every day. We aim to create a culture where being well is accessible and every person across our team can make it a way of living, working and being. Thus, our wellness programme for employees was launched with focused interventions around their Physical Wellbeing, Financial management, Emotional Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing. We have also set up a 24X7 Employee Assistance Program which provides one to one support to employees keeping their identity anonymous so they can share any issue freely.”

“Some other initiatives include ‘Leaders as Coaches’ program, ‘Degreed’ and “Coffee sessions”, added Batra.

Putting the spotlight on two of the highly engaging digital campaigns run by the brand, Batra said, “Ericsson India launched Network Heroes’ Campaign and Everyday Hero Campaign to leverage digital and register our social media presence to the TG.” Adding further she said, “With Network Heroes’ Campaign series, we celebrated our real-life heroes, i.e., our team of engineers and field staff, who made it possible for us to provide buffer less network connectivity across nation for health, government, public safety and critical businesses to stay connected in times of crisis.”

“The Everyday Hero campaign was conceptualized to celebrate Ericsson employees who went out of their way to help their community during these tough times. The objective of the campaign was top of the mind recall and engagement.”

Talking about the engagement rates of each campaign, the VP of Marketing and Communications said, “Network Heroes’ Campaign series and Everyday Hero campaign garnered an engagement rate of more than 30% and 62% with impressions close to 1 million including paid and organic promotions on social media, respectively.”

Batra further delved into the topic of 5G in the country and how 5G will prove to be a game changer for advertisers and brands. She responded, “According to Ericsson, Indians used about 12 GB data per month on average in 2019, the highest consumption globally, and this is expected to double to over the next five years, driven by affordable mobile broadband services and changing video viewing habits. So, to cope up with these projections and manage the increased data load, we will need 5G. “

Highlighting the ‘Ericsson Mobility Report 2020’, she said, “While in some markets 5G subscription growth has slowed as a result of the pandemic, this is outweighed by other markets like India where it is accelerating, leading us to raise our forecast of global 5G subscriptions at the end of 2020. However, the success of 5G cannot be measured in subscriptions alone. The value 5G brings will be determined by the success of new use cases and applications for consumers and businesses. 5G was made for innovation and, as the value of the digital infrastructure has been further evidenced during these recent times, 5G investments can play a significant role in restarting economies.”

Moving on, she mentioned about the paradigm shifts the communication industry has witnessed during the past 6 months. According to her, “Mass adoptions of technology in communication sector along with empathy based communication are the major shifts witnessed by the industry.”

Batra keenly stressed on Online Consultation and Remote Working to be the key trends that has set the tone of most parts of 2020. She also added, “Capping the spirits of empathy as value to customers by companies/brands has become the new normal which is here to stay long”.

Concluding the conversation, she remarked, “Network resilience and connectivity is the need of the hour. Ericsson India is working keenly with leaders and avidly looking for opportunities to provide undisputed network connectivity to the nation backed by strong technological infrastructure.”

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